Battle of Fano

Battle of Fano

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battle of Fano
partof=the Roman-Alamanni conflict

date=January 271
place=on the Metaurus River near Fano
result=Roman victory
combatant2=Roman Empire

The Battle of Fano - also known as the Battle of Fanum Fortunae [Michael Grant, The History of Rome, p. 285] - was fought in January 271 between the Roman Empire and the Alamanni. The Romans were led by Emperor Aurelian, and they were victorious.

Aurelian had been defeated by the Alamanni at the Battle of Placentia in January 271, but he had rallied his men, and started pursuing the Alamanni, who were quickly moving towards a defenceless Rome. Finally, the Roman Army caught and forced a fight with the Alamanni on the Metaurus River, just inland of Fano. The crucial moment of the battle was when the Alamanni got pinned against the river, so that, when the Germanic line was forced to give way, many Alamanni fell in the river and drowned.




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