Pope Sergius I

Pope Sergius I

Infobox Pope
English name=Sergius I

term_start=December 15, 687
term_end=September 8, 701
successor=John VI
birthplace=Palermo, Sicily
dead=dead|death_date=death date|701|9|8|mf=y
infobox popestyles
papal name=Pope Sergius I
dipstyle=His Holiness
offstyle=Your Holiness
relstyle=Holy Father

Pope Saint Sergius I (d. September 8, 701) was Pope from 687–701. He came from an Antiochene Syrian family which had settled at Palermo in Sicily, and owed his election as Pope Conon's successor to skillful intrigues against Paschalis and Theodorus, the other candidates. He was consecrated on December 15, 687.

On April 10, 689, he baptised King Caedwalla of Wessex in Rome. For rejecting certain canons of the Trullan (Quinisext) council of 692, Justinian II ordered his arrest and transportation to Constantinople, but the militia of Ravenna and the Pentapolis forced the imperial "protospatharius" to abandon the attempt to carry out his orders. Sergius ordained Saint Willibrord as bishop of the Frisians, and the "Liber Pontificalis" states he also ordained Berhtwald as Archbishop of Canterbury. Sergius died in 701.


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