Latin pop

Latin pop

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Latin Pop (Pop Latino, in Spanish) generally refers to pop music that has what may be perceived a "Latin" influence. The definition of "Latin" varies, however. Linguistically, pop music sung in Spanish, or other languages derived from Latin, may be considered Latin pop. Geographically, it could refer to pop music from Latin America or sung by Latin Americans, generally regarded as Hispanics (although this classification does not include the Portuguese). Pop music which has a significant Latin pop influence, no matter sung by who or in what language, may also be considered Latin pop.

There are two main variants. The first one is regular pop performed in the Spanish, Spanglish, Portuguese or English for international audiences. The second one mixes pop with a wide variety of Latin American or Iberian rhythms such as salsa, samba, cumbia, norteña, merengue, banda, tex-mex, flamenco, tango, reggaeton, vallenato, and reggae. More recently, Latin Pop has also included hip hop contributions such as the UK label Heavenly Records old school hip-hop inluenced latin pop artist Espiritu aka Vanessa Quinones with her cut-up hip-hop inflected top 50 releases like Los Americanos, Conquistador and Bonita Manana which also featured remixes from US hip-hop master Guru.

Latin Pop is usually marked by polished productions while incorporating unobtrusive Latin rhythms and instrumentation into tracks. Latin Pop first reached a global audience through the work of vocalist Ritchie Valens in the late 1950s; in later decades, Julio Iglesias, the versatile Gloria Estefan, and the revolving-door teen idol group Menudo carried the style forward. Since the late 90s, Latin pop and songs with significant Latin pop influences have achieved mainstream success in the United States and worldwide. Some of the most successful artists are Selena, Enrique Iglesias, Luis Miguel, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Thalía, Jennifer Lopez, Chayanne, Paulina Rubio and Ivete Sangalo. Julio Iglesias is to date the worlds best selling Latin artist selling 250-300 million albums worldwide. [ [ Julio Iglesias Official Website] ] [ [ Iglesias Dynasty Biography] ]

Major Latin Pop songwriters include Emilio Estefan, Estefano and Richard Daniel Roman.

Best-selling Latin pop artists

*Julio Iglesias - 250-300 million records.
*Luis Miguel - 100 million.
*Gloria Estefan - 70 million.
*Ricky Martin - 55 million albums.
*Selena - 50 million albums
*Shakira - 50 million albums.
*Enrique Iglesias - 50 million albums.
*Thalia - 35 million albums.

*Carlos Santana* - 74-99 million.:

"* = Carlos Santana's success is from albums of Rock and Blues, this is why Santana is not listed on most of the Latin pop rankings. "

Latin Grammy Awards

*Alejandro Sanz - 15 Latin Grammy Awards and 2 Grammys.
*Shakira - 8 Latin Grammys. Most won by any female singer.

Latin References

Many international singers have a few Latin Pop hits in their repertoire, without necessarily being known for having a Hispanic or Latin background: For example, Beyoncé's "Irremplazable", Madonna's "La Isla Bonita", The Spice Girls' "Spice up Your Life" and "Seremos Uno Los Dos" , M2M's "Todo Lo Que Haces", A-Teens' "Dame, Dame, Dame", Nsync's "Yo Te Voy A Amar", Backstreet Boys' "Nunca Te Haré Llorar", Yamashita Tomohisa's "Daite Señorita", Roxette's "La Vida Sin Tí", Latvian Marie N's (also known as Marija Naumova, and was the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest winner) "I Wanna", Cher's "Dov'è L'Amore", or France's Lorie with "Sur un air latino", and finally Geri Halliwell's (has Hispanic heritage) "Mi Chico Latino." Some artists usually include Latin remixes in their singles, which also could be classified as Latin Pop. These songs are usually mixed by DJ's with a Hispanic background, like David Morales, Junior Vazquez, or Pablo Flores, among others. Some singers who have released such remixes, besides the ones already mentioned, include Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Utada Hikaru, Will Smith, Alexia, Jamiroquai, and Jennifer Paige.

Regional Scenes


* Amanda Miguel
* Airbag
* Bandana
* Diego Torres
* El Símbolo
* Laureano Brizuela
* Mambrú
* Martín Ricca
* Miranda!
* Pablo Ruiz
* Erreway
* Teen Angels
* Valeria Gastaldi
* Marcela Morelo
* Fabiana Cantilo
* Emmanuel Horvilleur
* Leo García
* Laura Miller
* Facundo Monti
* Coti Sorokin
* Valeria Lynch
* Pablo Dhysán
* Patricia Sosa
* Daniela Herrero
* German Barceló
* Axel
* Emmanuel Arias
* Rolabogan
* David Bolzoni
* Soledad Pastorutti
* Nelson John
* Lourdes
* Alejandro Lerner
* Luciano Pereyra
* Virginia Da Cunha


* Azul Azul
* Mad Nipples Son
* Tupay
* Los Kjarkas


* Aylín Mújica
* Addys D'Mercedes
* Celia Cruz
* Gloria Estefan
* Jon Secada
* Lena
* Marlon
* Rey Ruiz
* Willy Chirino

Dominican Republic

* Julie Freundt
* Ghiis
* Campo de Almas
* Periko
* Gianmarco Zignago
* Fuera del Resto
* Libido
* TK
* Mar de Copas
* Los Nosequien y Los Nosecuantos
* Amen
* Hoja de Parra
* Patricia Loaiza
* Pedro Suárez Vértiz
* Christian Meier
* Renzo Guerrero

Puerto Rico

* Ana Cristina
* Angelica
* Barrio Boyzz
* Belinda Rio
* Christina Aguilera
* Eydie Gorme
* Gisselle
* Ha*Ash
* Jennifer Lopez
* Jaci Velasquez
* Jennifer Peña
* Jorge Ferreira
* J.D. Natasha
* L.A.B. (Latin American Boys)
* La Mafia
* Lani Hall
* Marc Anthony
* Miami Sound Machine
* Nydia Rojas
* Selena
* Soraya
* Valeria Lynch
* Vikki Carr


* Natalia Oreiro
* Chocolate


* Carlos Baute
* Voz Veis
* Franco De Vita
* Ricardo Montaner
* Mayré Martínez
* Guillermo Dávila
* Jeremías
* Ilan Chester
* Desorden Público
* Los Amigos Invisibles
* Carlos Mata
* Caramelos de Cianuro
* Ojo Fatuo
* Roque Valero
* Hany Kauam
* Kiara
* Karina
* Rudy La Scala
* José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma"


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