List of human rights articles by country

List of human rights articles by country

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The following is a list of articles on the human rights records of the countries of the world.


* Algeria
* Cameroon
*flagicon|Congo Congo
*flagicon|Egypt Egypt
*flagicon|Eritrea Eritrea
*flagicon|Ethiopia Ethiopia
*flagicon|Kenya Kenya
*flagicon|Libya Libya
*flagicon|Mali Mali
*flagicon|Morocco Morocco
*flagicon|Nigeria Nigeria
*flagicon|São Tomé and Príncipe São Tomé and Príncipe
*flagicon|Somalia Somalia
*flagicon|South Africa South Africa
*flagicon|Sudan Sudan
*flagicon|Tanzania Tanzania
*flagicon|Tunisia Tunisia
*flagicon|Uganda Uganda
*flagicon|Western Sahara Western Sahara
*flagicon|Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

Citizens of the African nations are provided supranational human rights protection by the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.


*flagicon|Bolivia Bolivia
*flagicon|Brazil Brazil
*flagicon|British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands
*flagicon|Canada Canada
*flagicon|Chile Chile
*flagicon|Colombia Colombia
*flagicon|Cuba Cuba
*flagicon|Haiti Haiti
*flagicon|Mexico Mexico
*flagicon|Paraguay Paraguay
*flagicon|Peru Peru
*flagicon|USA USA
*flagicon|Venezuela Venezuela

Citizens of the American nations enjoy varying degrees of supranational human rights protection from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

East Asia

*flagicon|Bangladesh Bangladesh
*flagicon|Cambodia Cambodia
*flagicon|China China
**flagicon|Hong Kong Hong Kong
**flagicon|Macau Macau
*flagicon|India India
*flagicon|Indonesia Indonesia
*flagicon|Japan Japan
*flagicon|North Korea North Korea
*flagicon|South Korea South Korea
*flagicon|Laos Laos
*flagicon|Malaysia Malaysia
*flagicon|Mongolia Mongolia
*flagicon|Myanmar Myanmar
*flagicon|Nepal Nepal
*flagicon|Pakistan Pakistan
*flagicon|Philippines Philippines
*flagicon|Singapore Singapore
*flagicon|Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
*flagicon|Taiwan Republic of China(Taiwan) [The Republic of China (ROC) is a state commonly referred to as Taiwan. It is also diplomatically occasionally known as Chinese Taipei or other names. The ROC is no longer a United Nations member since late 1971 and regarded by UN as Taiwan, Province of China (see also One-China policy and Political status of Taiwan. It is currently recognized by the Holy See and 23 UN member states and with de facto international relations with most others. The political status of the ROC and the legal status of Taiwan (alongside the territories currently under the ROC jurisdiction) are in dispute. The ROC should not be confused with the Republic of Taiwan proposed by supporters of Taiwan independence.]
*flagicon|Thailand Thailand
*flagicon|Vietnam Vietnam

Greater Europe

*flagicon|Afghanistan Afghanistan
*flagicon|Albania Albania
*flagicon|Armenia Armenia
*flagicon|Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
*flagicon|Bahrain Bahrain
*flagicon|Belarus Belarus
*flagicon|Bulgaria Bulgaria
*flagicon|Croatia Croatia
*flagicon|Finland Finland
*flagicon|France France
*flagicon|Georgia Georgia
*flagicon|Germany Germany
*flagicon|Greece Greece
*flagicon|Iran Iran
*((flagicon|Ireland)) Ireland
*flagicon|Iraq Iraq
*flagicon|Israel Israel
*flagicon|Italy Italy
*flagicon|Jordan Jordan
*flagicon|Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
*flagicon|Kosovo Kosovo
*flagicon|Kuwait Kuwait
*flagicon|Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
*flagicon|Lebanon Lebanon
*flagicon|Macedonia Macedonia
*flagicon|Moldova Moldova
**flagicon|Transnistria Transnistria
*flagicon|Oman Oman
*flagicon|Palestine Palestine
*flagicon|Poland Poland
*flagicon|Romania Romania
*flagicon|Russia Russia
*flagicon|Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
*flagicon|Serbia Serbia
*flagicon|Spain Spain
*flagicon|Switzerland Switzerland
*flagicon|Syria Syria
*flagicon|Tajikistan Tajikistan
*flagicon|Turkey Turkey
*flagicon|Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
*flagicon|Ukraine Ukraine
*flagicon|UK UK
*flagicon|United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
*flagicon|Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
*flagicon|Yemen Yemen

The most powerful human rights organization is the European Court of Human Rights, which is the only international court with jurisdiction to deal with cases brought by individuals (not states).


*flagicon|Australia Australia
*flagicon|New Zealand New Zealand
*flagicon|Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea

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