Kings of Munster

Kings of Munster

The name Munster is derived from the Gaelic Goddess, Muman. The province of Munster was once divided into six regions: Tuadh Mhuman (north Munster), Des Mhuman (south Munster), Aur/Ur Mumhan (east Munster), Iar mumhan or Iarmuman (west Munster), Ernaibh Muman (the Ernai tribe's portion of Munster), and Deisi Muman (the Deisi tribe's portion of Munster). Ultimately, these were all subsumed into the kingdoms of Thomond (north), Desmond (south), and Ormond (east), all of which were eventually subsumed by surrender and regrant as Earldoms in the Peerage of Ireland. The names exist only indirectly today, particularly in the case of Thomond. The three crowns represent these three kingdoms.

Early Kings of Munster Fifth to Tenth Centuries

Of the Eóganachta, unless noted.

* Olioll Olum, aka Ailill Aulomm, 1st King of Munster, died 234
* Conall Corc mac Luigthig, founder of Cashel
* Nad Froích mac Cuirc, unknown
* Óengus mac Nad Froích r.453?-489; first Christian King
* Dauí Iarlaithe mac Maithni
* Feidlimid mac Óengusa
* Eochaid mac Óengusa, died 522
* Dub-Gilcach mac Óengusso, unknown
* Crimthann Srem mac Echado r.522-542?
* Coirpre Cromm mac Crimthainn r.542?/560-577
* Fergus Scandal mac Crimthainn Airthir Chliach, 577-582
* Feidlimid mac Coirpri Chruimm, unknown
* Feidlimid mac Tigernaig, r.582-588
* Amalgaid mac Éndai r.596?-601
* Garbán mac Éndai (c.596)
* Fíngen mac Áedo Duib, r.601-618
* Áed Bennán mac Crimthainn, died 618
* Cathal mac Áedo Flaind Chathrach, died 627
* Faílbe Flann mac Áedo Duib, died 639
* Cúán mac Amalgado, died 641
* Máenach mac Fíngin, died 661
* Cathal Cú-cen-máthair mac Cathaíl, died 665
* Colgú mac Faílbe Flaind, died 678
* Finguine mac Cathail Con-cen-máthair, died 696
* Ailill mac Cathail Con-cen-máthair, died 701
* Cormac mac Ailello, died 712
* Eterscél mac Máele Umai, died 721
* Cathal mac Finguine, died 742
* Cathussach mac Eterscélai, unknown
* Máel Dúin mac Áedo, died 786
* Ólchobar mac Flainn, died 796/797
* Ólchobar mac Duib-Indrecht, died 805
* Artrí mac Cathail, died 821
* Tnúthgal mac Artrach, died (circa 807)
* Tnúthgal mac Donngaile (or Dunngusso), died 820
* Feidlimid mac Cremthanin, died 847
* Ólchobar mac Cináeda, died 851
* Áilgenán mac Donngaile, died 853
* Máel Gualae mac Donngaile, died 859
* Cenn Fáelad hua Mugthigirn, died 872
* Dúnchad mac Duib-dá-Bairenn, died 888
* Dub Lachtna mac Máele Gualae, died 895
* Finguine Cenn nGécan mac Loégairi, died 902
* Cormac mac Cuilennáin, died 908
* Flaithbertach mac Inmainén, died 944 (ancestry uncertain, perhaps of the Múscraige)
* Lorcán mac Coinlígáin, unknown
* Cellachán Caisil mac Buadacháin, died 954
* Máel Fathardaig mac Flainn, died 957
* Dub-dá-Bairenn mac Domnaill, died 959
* Fer Gráid mac Clérig, died 961
* Donnchad mac Cellacháin, died 963

Kings of Munster 963 - 1119

Of the Dál gCais, or, if marked (E), the Eóganacht.

* Mathgamain mac Cennétig, died 976
* Máelmuad mac Brain, died 978 (E)
* Brian Bóruma mac Cennétig, died 1014
* Dúngal mac Máelfothartaig Hua Donnchada, died 1025 (E)
* Donnchad mac Briain, died 1064
* Murchad mac Donnchada, died 1068
* Toirdhealbhach Ua Briain, died 1086
* Muircheartach Ua Briain, died 1119

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* Niadh Nask
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* Irish Royal Families


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