List of Initial D chapters

List of Initial D chapters

This is the manga /anime volume/episode guide of the hit Japanese anime series Initial D. The original manga is currently still running weekly (or bi-weekly) on Kodasha with 485+ chapters.

Part 1: Akina's Eight-Six

Part 2: Project D

* Manga Volume 32: The Real Project D vs Project D wannabes (no official battles)
* Manga Volume 33: RX-7 FD3S (Keisuke) vs Lan-Evo VII
* Manga Volume 34: RX-7 FD3S (Keisuke) vs Lan-Evo VII, Sprinter Trueno AE86 vs NB8C Roadster (Mazda Miata)
* Manga Volume 35: Sprinter Trueno AE86 vs NB8C Roadster (Mazda Miata), Takumi handles avoiding accident when travels with a girl Released June 4, 2007.
* Manga Volume 36: Sprinter Trueno AE86 vs Toyota MR-S ZZW30 (Kogashiwa Kai), the battle still goes on. Released In October 2007
* Manga Volume 37: AE86 vs ZZW30 battle ends, FD vs Supra race starts.

Manga/Anime Differences

Although Initial D is a hit anime sleeper series, its origins began in the manga. However the decision to alter segments of the story was necessary in terms of pacing as well as a slightly believable story. As a result, the changes made towards the conversions are mostly for the better and sometimes removing unnecessary repetitive parts where the manga had much of its content.
Example: The gallery of audience always have similar comments in every race like "Wow, I can't believe Project D is that fast."
So listed below is the difference between the manga and the anime for both the better and the worst.
Note: The pointers posted here are the major changes from manga to anime and the bulk is consisted still of minor changes are not added here.

* In the anime version, the 1st Stage battles were presented in the order of FD, R32, EG6, Sil-Eighty, S14, and FC. In the manga, it was done as FD, R32, EG6, FC, Sil-Eighty, and S14 leading to Evo IV. The switching to have the FC as the last race of 1st Stage is to give a more dramatic closure to the anime season.
* The explanation of the races has a lot more narrative in car terms in the manga then there is in the anime, even explaining what specs and custom parts added/modified. But most of these narratives are retained in the anime, through the explanations of either the audiences (usually by key characters like Ryosuke) or through the psychological thinkings of the drivers which is not very often.
* Example) In the battle between Takumi and Shingo, Takumi performs a 4-wheel drift while staying on the outer lane to avoid an incoming car. This was narrated in the manga, but in the anime, this was loosely described by the Takahashi brothers.
* The race battles in the anime are more extreme in camera angle and performance compared to it’s original manga counterparts, more for a shocking dramatic and flashy appearance. When the manga and anime version are seen side by side, the difference becomes obvious. Example) Near the end of episode 03 of 1st Stage, Ryosuke drifting his FC when his rear fender was only a few inches away from the guardrail where in the manga it was by a good couple feet away.
* The audience gallery in the races (mostly in 4th Stage) has a lot more involvement in the manga, but they tend to be too repetitive that most of their conversations have been removed making the anime more fast paced.
* Smoking is also more commonly seen in the manga book and more toned down in the anime.
* The clothing changes every time just like in real-life. In the anime, the clothing changes don’t take place as much in the 1st Stage, but is commonly seen happening in the following Stages ahead. In the manga however, brand name shirts could be seen. Such shirts may include a Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey, a Spiderman? like shirt, or even brand names of famous car part companies like BLITZ, Mugen, NISMO, etc. Plus, the use of the “New Balance” shoes and clothing line is heavily used, especially in the anime.
* The anime does include car company names but they may tend to be mis-spelled in early Stages such as “Trueno” would be called “Toreno”. Brand name clothings may be misspelled as well.
* Koichiro Iketani originally had a different hairstyle in the first few chapters, until he gets his S13 into an accident. Afterwards, his next hairstyle has become the standard throughout the whole series. In the anime, his hairstyle remained the same throughout the whole series.
* Clips of Best Motoring Videos can be seen, most noticeable is the "Drift Bible" featuring "Drift King" Keiichi Tsuchiya. "Drift Bible" was also mentioned in the Omake section of Volume 6, complete with the cover for it.
* Natsuki has a nude scenes in the manga in Volumes 01 and 09. In the Tokyopop release, with the exception of first print run editions of Vol. 01, clothing were added into her. In the anime, none of the nude scenes were featured, but the story of her relationship with Papa remains identical.
* Team Thunder-Fire is an anime only racing team.
* The Shingo race had a major difference in the anime comparison to the manga as there was a long 1 1/2 episode filler arc with the appearance of an anime only character named Saori (a blind-date for Itsuki).
* Tsugumi (Tricia in Tokyopop) is Ryosuke and Keisuke’s cousin, and makes her appearances in volumes 04 and 08, but never makes any appearance in the anime.
* A battle between Keisuke and Nakazato takes place on Mt. Akina going hillclimb just before Takumi and Ryosuke's battle. This was a prelude of the Mount Myogi race later on. Only in the manga.
* Kenta’s character design in the anime for 1st Stage, 2nd Stage, and 3rd Stage are completely different to his original character design in the manga. However by 4th Stage, Kenta has been reanimated to look identical to his original manga counterpart.
* Lonely Driver's Club only exists in the anime.
* During the rain race between Takumi and Kenta, the Evo IV of team Emperor makes an appearance trailing from behind. In the end, the Evo IV beats both cars which Takumi never mentioned (nor was he really trying his best during the race). Manga only.
* Tsukamoto is a manga only character with quite a big side story. If he were to appear in the anime, it would only be in Second Stage which he makes a really brief cameo during the Eight-Six vs Evo III at Akagi. Most of his key scenes are replaced by the team Thunder-Fire.
* In Takumi's battle against Wataru at Shomaru, Takumi wins the battle different in the anime by driving over the mudslide compared to manga where he simply passes Wataru at a wider section of the course. Wataru briefly lost concentration because he was low on gas.
* Shiraishi is only seen in the manga as the one calling and writing the letters to Takumi concerning Natsuki's relationship with Papa. She is Papa's daughter. If she were to appear in the anime, it would have been in Third Stage.
* In the anime, Natsuki works at the Fast Hamburger restaurant, while in the manga she applies to work part-time at the Esso Gas Station with Takumi.
* Natsuki makes a handmade Eight-Six keychain for Takumi in the anime. There is no such keychain in the manga.
* In the manga, there is a Valentine's day segment where you can also see a rare scene of Itsuki having a smoke.
* In the manga, Bunta doesn't show up at Takumi's graduation. He does so in the anime, though.
* In the anime only, Third Stage ended with Takumi challenging Ryosuke at Mount Akagi. In the manga only, Takumi shows Natsuki his full driving skills down Mount Akina, setting a new downhill record on Mount Akina in the process, but since no one was there to witness the run, it didn't count. These are all before joining Project D.
* The races between Keisuke Takahashi against Smiley Sakai and Atsurou Kawaii have been removed in the anime series although both races were animated for Initial D Battle Stage 2.
* After the defeat of Toudoh Racing School, Project D’s Eight-Six and FD breaks the time trial records set there. Later when Tomo arrives, he breaks the Eight-Six record without pushing Daiki's EK9 to the limit. Manga only
* In the manga and arcade stage, Bunta’s Impreza is gun metal grey in colour where in the anime, it is blue.
* In the manga only, Fumihiro tells Ryosuke that Kenta got into an accident in trying Takumi’s Blind Attack technique.
* Kyoko’s expressions and personality are more spontaneous in the manga. Because of the more realism presented in the anime, Kyoko’s spontaneous expressions are removed and her personality is toned down to a sweet girl. Such scenes that have been re-edited or removed include her doing a doughnut with her FD, kissing Keisuke's FD, or flapping her hands up and down when she found out Keisuke had no girlfriend.
* Itsuki’s story with Kazumi after Takumi's rain race and before the Tsuchizaka battle is a lot more in depth in the manga then the anime. There is such a great deal of nearly 2/3 of Itsuki's story is missing and only 1/3 was shown in the anime.
* During Itsuki’s date with Kazumi, Iketani and Kenji were on their way to watch another Project D race in Saitama against a minor team. However, in the anime, this Project D race never took place but was just a driving by accident that Iketani and Kenji decide to take a peek at Itsuki’s date.
* Kyoko’s last request to see Keisuke drive the FC at his full 100% driving abilities is never mentioned in the manga, but an anime exclusive. In the manga only, Keisuke tells Kyoko that he use to be a motorcycle gang member.
* The race between Takumi and Godhand was the first race against Purple Shadow in the manga book. However, in the anime, Godfoot requests to be the first battle before the Godhand battle. Keisuke accepts. (This is done intentionally to make Takumi’s race the climax to the nearing end of 4th Stage anime season)
* In the anime only, “m.o.v.e” (aka the official J-rock band of “Initial D” consisted of Yuri, Motsu and T-Kimura) are at the peak of the F-Line waiting at the cone.
* In the anime only while Takumi's battle with Godhand is about to begin, his friends are at a family restaurant talking about what it means to have a girlfriend to spend time with.
* To simplify the ending of 4th Stage, Takumi's Eight-Six suspension damage is repaired early on where in the manga it is being upgraded to the next stage as he uses the Impreza for deliveries.

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