Stroke (disambiguation)

Stroke (disambiguation)

Stroke may be:
* Stroke, a cerebral accident, when blood supply to a part of the brain is suddenly interrupted
* Sunstroke, also called heatstroke
* Stroke (handwriting), a trace of ink in handwriting
* "Stroke" (journal), a scientific journal
* Stroke (Chinese character), in graphics stroke order of Chinese characters
* Slash (punctuation), the typographical character
* Stroke (engine), a single action of some engines
* Swimming stroke, a swimming style
* rowing stroke, pulling a oar through the water during rowing
* Stroke, a boat position in sport rowing, closest to the stern of the boat
* Stroke play, a scoring system used in Golf
* The Strokes, a rock band
* Stroke 9, a rock band
* "The Stroke", a 1981 top-20 hit for rock musician Billy Squier
* The Stroke, the finishing move of professional wrestler Jeff Jarrett

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