Intel 80387

Intel 80387

The Intel 80387 (387 or i387) was the math coprocessor for the 80386 series of microprocessors, and the first Intel coprocessor to implement the IEEE 754 standard in every detail. It was used to perform floating point arithmetic operations directly in hardware. The i387 was compatible only with the standard i386 chip; the cut down i386SX had its own coprocessor, the Intel 80387SX, that could work with the SX's narrower data bus. The coprocessor was released in 1987, two years after the 386 chip. It included much improved speed and commands over previous FPUs (80287 and 8087). The 80387 included full coverage of the trigonometric functions, Intel's previous offerings being limited to an argument range of plus or minus 45 degrees.

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