Leonidas (disambiguation)

Leonidas (disambiguation)

Leonidas is Leonidas I, king of Sparta, ruled c. 489–480 BC., leader at the battle of Thermopylae

Leonidas may also refer to:
*Leonidas II, king of Sparta, ruled c. 254–235 BC
*Leonidas of Tarentum, Greek poet
*Leonidas (teacher), teacher of Alexander the Great
*Leonidas (chocolate maker), manufacturer of Belgian chocolates
*Leonidas Daskalidès, founder of the Belgian company
*Leonidas Kavakos, Greek virtuoso violinist
*Leônidas da Silva, Brazilian football player
*Leonidas Polk, Confederate general in the American Civil War
*Leonidas L. Polk, agrarian leader and North Carolina's first Commissioner of Agriculture
*Leonidas (ship), labour ship that brought the first indentured servants from India to Fiji in 1879
*Leonidas (armoured vehicle), Greek-built Armored personnel carrier
*Stephanie Leonidas, British actress
*Leonidas Squadron (Leonidas Staffel), experimental Luftwaffe unit of suicide pilots that tested manned versions of the V-1 flying bomb
* Leonidas, Emperor of Man, fictional character in the science fiction novel "The Mote in God's Eye"
*Saint Leonidas
*USS "Leonidas", either of two ships in the US Navy
*HMS "Leonidas", either of two ships in the Royal Navy


* Leonidas, Minnesota
* Leonidas Township, Michigan

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