List of kings of Macedon

List of kings of Macedon

Macedon (also known as Macedonia) was an ancient kingdom centered around the present-day region of Macedonia in northern Greece, and was inhabited by the Ancient Macedonians, an ancient tribe. At various points in its history the kingdom proper encompassed parts of the present-day Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkish Thrace. It emerged as the dominant power in Greece during the 4th century BC, when King Philip II successfully forced the Greek city-states, such as Athens and Thebes, into the Corinthian League. Philip's son, Alexander the Great, would go on to conquer the Persian Empire a few years later. The Kingdom of Macedon itself soon lost direct control of Alexander's vast Asian territories, but it broadly retained its hegemony over Greece itself until defeated by the Roman Republic in the Macedonian Wars (215 - 148 BC).

=Argead Dynasty=

*Karanus Καρανός 808-778 BC
*Koinos Κοινός
*Tyrimmas Τυρίμας
*Perdiccas I Περδίκκας Α' 700-678 BC
*Argaeus I Αργαίος Α' 678-640 BC
*Philip I Φίλιππος Α' 640-602 BC
*Aeropus I Αεροπός Α' 602-576 BC
*Alcetas I Αλκήτας Α' 576-547 BC
*Amyntas I Αμύντας Α' 547-498 BC
*Alexander I Αλέξανδρος Α' 498-454 BC
*Alcetas II Αλκήτας Β' 454-448 BC
*Perdiccas II Περδίκκας Β' 448-413 BC
*Archelaus Αρχέλαος Α' 413-399 BC
*Craterus Κρατερός 399 BC
*Orestes Ορέστης and Aeropus II Αεροπός Β' 399-396 BC
*Archelaus II Αρχέλαος Β' 396-393 BC
*Amyntas II Αμύντας B' 393 BC
*Pausanias Παυσανίας 393 BC
*Amyntas III Αμύντας Γ' 393 BC
*Argaeus II Αργαίος Β' 393-392 BC
*Amyntas III Αμύντας Γ' 392-370 BC
*Alexander II Αλέξανδρος Β' 370-368 BC
*Perdiccas III Περδίκκας Γ' 368-359 BC
**Ptolemy of Aloros Πτολεμαίος Α', Regent of Macedon 368-365 BC
*Amyntas IV Αμύντας Δ' 359-356 BC
*Philip II Φίλιππος Β' 359-336 BC
*Alexander III, the Great Αλέξανδρος ο Μέγας 336-323 BC
**Antipater Αντίπατρος, Regent of Macedon 334-323 BC
*Philip III Arrhidaeus Φίλιππος Γ' 323-317 BC and Alexander IV Αλέξανδρος Δ' 323-310 BC [As part of the compromise in Babylon after Alexander the Great’s death, it was agreed that Philip would be joint king with Roxanne’s unborn child, should it prove to be male. Hence Philip was sole king for several months until Alexander IV was born, and Alexander too was sole king from Philip’s murder in 317 BC to his own death. Neither had any effective power during this period; Philip was mentally infirm and Alexander was under age.]
**Perdiccas Περδίκκας, Regent of the Macedon Empire 323-321 BC [Perdiccas (And his immediate Regency successors) did not take the title of Regent, ("Epitropos") but instead styled himself 'Manager' ("Epimelêtês"), however his position was that of Regent in all but name.]
**Antipater Αντίπατρος, Regent of the Macedon Empire 321-319 BC
**Polyperchon Πολυπέρχων, Regent of the Macedon Empire 319-317 BC
**Cassander Κάσσανδρος, Regent of Macedon 317-305 BC

=Antigonid Dynasty=

*Demetrius I Poliorcetes Δημήτριος ο Πολιορκητής 306-286 BC [Demetrius was proclaimed King in 306 BC with his father, but his reign in Macedonia only became effective after he ousted the Antipatrids in 294, and his power there ended after he was in turn expelled by Pyrrhus and Lysimachus in 286. His death in 283 is often given as marking the end of his reign.]

Non-Dynastic Kings

*Lysimachus Λυσίμαχος 286-281 BC and Pyrrhus of Epirus Πύρρος της Ηπείρου 286-285 BC
*Ptolemy Keraunos Πτολεμαίος Κεραυνός 281-279 BC
*Meleager Μελέαγρος 279 BC

=Antipatrid Dynasty=

*Antipater Etesias Αντίπατρος Β' 279 BC
*Sosthenes Σωσθένης 279-276 BC

=Antigonid Dynasty=

*Antigonus II Gonatas Αντίγονος Β' Γονατάς 276-274 BC [Antigonus claimed the kingship upon his father's death in 283, but it was only effective after 276.]

Non-Dynastic Kings

*Pyrrhus of Epirus Πύρρος της Ηπείρου 274-272 BC

=Antigonid Dynasty=

*Antigonus II Gonatas Αντίγονος Β' Γονατάς 272-239 BC
*Demetrius II Aetolicus Δημήτριος Β' Αιτωλικός 239-229 BC
*Antigonus III Doson Αντίγονος Γ' 229-221 BC
*Philip V Φίλιππος Ε' 221-179 BC
*Perseus Περσέας 179-167 BC

After Perseus's defeat at the Battle of Pydna in 167 BC, Macedon was divided into four republics under Roman domination. In 150 BC, a man named Andriscus claimed to be the son of Perseus, and claimed the throne of Macedon as Philip VI. This led to the Fourth Macedonian War, in which Andriscus was defeated by the Romans, and Macedon was annexed as a Roman province in 148 BC.


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