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Lou and Andy

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Lou Todd & Andy Pipkin

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Louis 'Lou' Bob Todd and Andrew 'Andy' Pipkin are fictional characters from the cult BBC TV and radio show "Little Britain", played by David Walliams and Matt Lucas respectively. Andy's catchphrases include, "Yeah I know", "I want that one" and "Don't like it", while Lou's catchphrase is "What a kerfuffle!"

Lou is kind, generous and incredibly patient and helps his seemingly boring wheelchair-bound friend Andy. Moreover, his fashion sense primarily encompasses the 1980s, which is apparent from his general attire. He is typically seen wearing an awkward juxtaposition of trainers, blue tracksuit trousers, a T-shirt with slogans such as "I ran the World" or "Frankie Says RELAX - Don't do it" and a heavy, 1970s' leather jacket. He speaks with a slight East London accent, with a lisp.

Andy is moody, contrary, has no respect for other sentient beings, appears to be unintelligent, has no interest in the outside world, is very fat and is just plain lazy. Furthermore, Andy could be viewed as being genuinely mentally retarded, but this could just be regarded as the manifestation of his ignorant nature, and the perceived corruption of his psyche owing to watching too much television. He is also dressed mostly in scruffy clothing such as well-worn 'jogging bottoms' and a dirty vest. He speaks with a nasal, strong, slurred Liverpool accent. He has an unseen or unheard from brother called Declan, and previously had a woman called Maria (who died in one episode) as a caretaker before Lou (Lou mentioned her regularly in the early episodes of Season 1).

The characters of Lou and Andy are arguably the most iconic characters in "Little Britain", as they have appeared in every single episode to date with the exception of the pilot, are on most of "Little Britain"'s merchandise and DVD covers and are in most of their charity work.


Lou Todd (Walliams) spends most of his free time helping his friend Andy Pipkin (Lucas) and taking him to places in a wheelchair which, unknown to Lou, Andy has no need for. The sketches normally have one of two basic structures. One features Lou turning his back on Andy for a moment and Andy stepping out of his wheelchair to do something very quickly such as diving into a pool. Sometimes the sketch will end here and sometimes Andy will return to his wheelchair before Lou turns back, often Lou will be puzzled by something that has changed as a result of what Andy has been doing, such as Andy being wet, but never thinks anything of this. The other structure features Andy making an arbitrary and apparently thoughtless random decision by giving his catchphrase "I want that one," often without even a look at the item in question. Lou normally tries to persuade him to change his mind, often by reminding him of something he has said in the past (in a flowery vocabulary never used by Andy on camera), to which Andy will always reply "Yeah I know," but will remain steadfast in his decision. Lou will eventually concede to Andy's decision with a lispy "Are you sure?" only to have Andy change his mind at the most inopportune moment, usually with another of catchphrases "I don't like it." Lou is incredibly patient and usually tries to change the decision. He has only once exhibited anger (directed at a person he believed had pushed Andy over), and only ever once denied Andy his request, and Andy then had to make it happen for himself when Lou turned the other way.

The characters of Lou and Andy are derived from a sketch on Rock Profile, which featured fictitious versions of Lou Reed and Andy Warhol. In the second series, Andy's antisocial behaviour is somewhat amplified (previously the main joke had revolved around him choosing something and then claiming he does not want it or wanted something else) with some of his actions displaying a complete disregard for others, for instance, wiping the contents of his nose on the trousers of a passer-by, or stating that he does not like a woman he is blind-dating because "she's in a wheelchair". Lou also uses the term "kerfuffle" to refer to sticky situations or problems they might face.

In some of the sketches, Andy lives in a dilapidated council house in the fictional city of Herby - the name being derived from the car in the Disney children's film of the same name. The house shots are filmed at the Cranbrook Estate in Bethnal Green. Andy buys a snake in Magri's pets (although in the sketch, the sign has been replaced with one reading "Pets and That"), a real life pet shop and buys a birthday card from a newsagents very close to Victoria Park, which may also be where the park shots are filmed.

eries three final sketches

In the final episode of the series, broadcast on Christmas Eve 2005, the story of Lou and Andy played out over a number of sketches. In the story, Lou's mother has just died, so Lou has to go back to the Isle of Wight for a few days to take care of his father and sort out the funeral arrangements (to which Andy shows his usual uncaring manner while also watching Balamory), leaving Andy with a temporary carer, Mrs Mead (played by Imelda Staunton). Lou reckons she will be a very nice lady, but she turns out to be a rather strict and religious Irish woman who turns off his TV, makes him help clean the house, hits his legs with a candlestick holder to make sure he really is disabled (which, since he can walk, really hurts him, although he manages to keep a straight and emotionless face until she leaves before yelling "Ow, Oww OWWWW!" in pain), gives him some stew and fruit for dinner that he barely touches, sings religious songs loudly (which she says is a better method of entertainment than television) and prays. His antics do not work on her like they worked with Lou.

While out on a long walk near some cliffs, Mrs Mead begins to talk about how she is going to instill major changes in Andy's life which include Andy cooking, cleaning, looking after himself, stop watching TV, eating healthily and getting a job. Andy finally has enough, rises from his wheelchair, sneaks up behind her, pushes her over the cliff and returns home.

Lou finally returns with Andy running to welcome him home (Andy saying "Lou!" excitedly), however Andy quickly sits back down realising what he was about to do and then Lou begins to make Andy's dinner. Andy makes out he does not care, but is secretly delighted that Lou has returned and everything is normal again. This shows he genuinely views Lou as a friend and not just a slave.

Andy's behaviour


*To go to the expensive Royal Opera House for his birthday. Once there, he shouts "I don't like it!" once the performance starts.
*To wear a Smurf costume to dinner at a "smart restaurant" (Lou's words). In the sketch, the restaurant appears to be a Chinese one. Once there, wearing a smurf hat and painted completely blue, Andy declares that he "looks a pillock", and asks the waiter "You do crisps?"
*To have an empty ice cream cone, without any ice cream in it ("What, no Whippy?" "No, Just a cone"). Soon after his request is granted he announces that he does want ice cream after all, by saying "I want a Whippy!" Lou goes back to the ice cream van in annoyance and gets him a double helping of the ice cream.
*To see "Pride and Prejudice" instead of the simpler forms of entertainments such as action movies he usually prefers. Lou suggests he gets two, in case he doesn't like it, but Andy insists he wants Pride and Prejudice. When it is switched on, he says "I don't like it." Lou apologises to Andy and leaves to visit a woman named Maria ("you can expect me back around six"). As soon as he's gone, Andy ejects the video and replaces it with a Monster Trucks video.
*To specifically not go to the toilet before getting into Lou's van, (a rusty white E-reg Ford Escort van) after he drank four pints of beer in a bar. He needs to go to the toilet as soon as he is in the van.
*To have a snake for a pet, instead of the rabbit he had previously requested. When Lou purchases the Python (which Andy names "Thumper") and leaves, Andy says "I want a rabbit!" Lou hastily doubles back and goes back into the pet shop.
*To take three books out of the library; two identical ones about Chinese history, and one about Chinese language and its origins, despite Lou's suggestion of Stig of the Dump. He later voids his original, somewhat spurious request once out of the library by stating that he "can't read" (This would make him illiterate, although he has been seen reading an extract from the Bible in series 2). Lou goes back into the library in annoyance to return the books. This is one of the few occasions in which, had he gone with Lou's suggestion, his final statement still would've made his decision void.
*To buy a card with the text "With deepest sympathy..." for his brother Declan's birthday instead of the more usual birthday card. Leaving the shop with the card, Andy says "It's his birthday! He's not dead!" and throws the card away. An annoyed Lou lets go of Andy's wheelchair when this happens.
*To go on holiday in Helsinki, Finland ("I wanna go to Helsinki"). Despite Lou's collection of colourful brochures, suggestions for other more preferable destinations and Andy's previous statement of not liking Finland. We then see the plane taking off with Andy voicing over, "I wanna go to Florida."
* To have a dark chocolate from a box of chocolates that Lou had bought for a visit for Andy's former caretaker, Maria. He says "I don't like it" when he eats it and asks for another "just to take the taste away." When Lou leaves, he climbs onto a stool and takes the box of chocolates off the shelf.
*To have his room painted red from top to bottom, instead of the blue Lou thought he preferred. As soon as his room is painted red, he asks for blue, to Lou's annoyance.
*To have a new wheelchair, which he promptly rejects when Lou brings it home by toppling it over.
*To have all his old items, such as books and board games, that he does not use anymore, put on a bonfire and burned up. Of course, once the fire is properly burning, Andy says "I want me stuff back." Lou hastily tries to extinguish the fire.
*To go to the church dressed up as a baby Jesus, including crib. Once there, Andy is apparently scheduled to do a reading. He pauses after a few sentences, saying "I look a pillock."
*To go to France, although he previously requested to go to Chessington World of Adventures. Once in France (this section was adjacent to the Eiffel Tower), he then declares that he "Wanna go Chessington." Lou hastily doubles back.
*To go on a boat trip on the river Thames, after which he utters "This is boring." He is then seen to be water skiing behind the boat.
*To have a breast enlargement operation ("Summin' to play with") after reading a pornographic magazine. On exiting the hospital, he says "I look a pillock." An annoyed Lou doubles back and returns to the hospital
*To have George Michael as a guest at his birthday party instead of personal family, like his brother Declan. When George arrives and tries to greet Andy, he declares "Don't like him. Prefer Tony Hadley." After apologising to George for Andy's behaviour, George leaves the restaurant with Lou, with Andy telling Lou to tell George of one of his opinions (which was told to him by Lou (see below)).
*To have lots of boiled rice, pilau rice, lemon rice, and coconut rice from the Indian takeaway. As soon as Lou puts all the rice on the plate Andy says "I don't like rice." Lou then proceeds to hit his head against the wall, out of Andy's sight in annoyance. (Series 3 Deleted Scene)
*To have a tattoo on his face (of a spider web). Once the tattooist is finished Andy says "I regret it deeply," instead of "I don't like it." (Series 3 Deleted Scene)

Apparent Opinions

These opinions are usually voiced by Lou as if Andy had said them previously. The amusement comes when the statement is usually very profound and intellectual (which the viewer would not expect someone of Andy's apparent intelligence to give) in an eloquent style, in contrast to his normal, ungrammatical speech. The even larger amusement comes from the fact that, the more complex and eloquent the statement, the more Andy resents Lou's "paraphrasin'" him.
* He likes the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Michael Ball, so the two would be an excellent combination.
* Dark chocolate has a bitter edge to it and lacks the oral ecstasy of its milkier cousin.
* Red is the colour of blood and henceforth death.
* He is afraid of snakes. He says that all the serpents had an aura of evil.
* Finland has a maudlin quality to it, rendering it unsuitable as a holiday destination.
* Violence is the last bastion of moral cowardice.
* The natural world has a sublime beauty, unrivalled by anything man-made.
* Torvill and Dean's Barnum routine aside, ice skating is aesthetically bankrupt.
* The French can never be forgiven for surrendering to the German war machine and collaborating with their occupiers to set up the Vichy government.
* The sea is a dark and brutal force which has dragged many an innocent to a watery grave.
* (talking about George Michael) Jesus To A Child aside, Andy finds his output emotionally vapid (which he tells Lou to repeat to George as they're leaving).
* The underwater world has a sublime beauty which mankind as a species can scarcely comprehend.
* The only way to see London is via its ancient waterway, which is like a pulsating artery through the heart of this historic city.
* Cosmetic enhancement was symptomatic of a sick society which worships a cult of youth and beauty, and anyone seeking the quick fix of physical change was left morally wanting.
* (talking about "Dogtanian and the Three Muskethounds") Alexandre Dumas' classic characters and their canine counterparts were decidedly lacklustre.
* The Herby Town Rugby Club were strong on power, but lacked the delicate agility and finesse to ultimately fulfil their potential. (After Lou reminds him of this, he replies "Yeah, they're crap.")
*He hates McFly despite Lou reminding him that they came and visited him when he was in hospital with a broken thumb.
*He thinks that society is a complex web of inter reliant structures, requiring universal acceptance and co-operative values. He went on to say that this raises the level of social capital, ultimately enhancing everybody's lives (Series 3 Deleted Scene).
*Tattoos are a debasement of the human body, and were nothing more than graffiti over God's handiwork (Series 3 Deleted Scene).
*He's not fond of Raphael's religious paintings, despite Lou reminding him that although he admired his Roman period of secular portraiture, it was his work in the early 1500s - while displaying an occasional sentimental naivety - that represented the apotheosis of his artistic achievements. (Series 3 Deleted Scene)

Activity out of his wheelchair

* He's taken a dive into a swimming pool, and swum a whole lap.
* Used the toilet standing up by himself.
* Ejected a "Pride and Prejudice" video out of a VCR and inserted a Monster Trucks video.
* Taken a box of chocolates down from a high shelf, out of reach of the wheelchair.
* Stood up and stretched while Lou asks to see if he has to carry Andy up another floor.
* Pulled his trousers up by himself.
* Got out of the new wheelchair Lou bought him, tipped it over and got back into his old one.
* Run out of a supermarket, with two tins down his trousers and a security guard chasing him.
* Taken part in Bruce Forsyth's The Price Is Right (he ran cheering down the audience stairs). Lou hears the commentator calling out Andy's name on the television from the kitchen, but thinks nothing of it.
* Got up to assault a group of yobs taunting him.
* Tipped his wheel chair over and lay on the ground to set up Lou's new Polish girlfriend as having pushed him. As soon as Lou hears this, he says angrily "you evil Pole!" This is the first time Lou has actually exhibited anger.
* Climbed a tree trying to retrieve his football. He then states, when asked by Lou why he is in a tree, "I fell."
* Taken off on horseback when Lou asks the horse's rider for directions.
* Run down the beach and went skinny-dipping in the sea while Lou's back is turned.
* Gone ice skating.
* Climbed power lines to retrieve a Frisbee and getting an electric shock, returning to his wheelchair black and smoking. When he says "yeah I know" after getting the Frisbee, his voice turns raspy due to the electricity.
* Tipped over a car blocking in their van in a car park.
* Run down the bowling alley to hit a strike up close.
* Pushed a date he doesn't like (because she is in a wheelchair) down some steps.
* Pole-vaulted then proceeded to do a backflip.
* Climbed into a shark-filled tank in an aquarium and gone skin-diving.
* Parachuted from a plane directly into his wheelchair.
* Water-skied on a Thames cruise boat.
* Stolen a police officer's motorbike.
* Got up and laid down in wet concrete that Lou was working on (he blames the footprints and Andy shaped impression on a bird, which Lou believes).
* Stolen the ball during a rugby match and scored.
* Pushed his temporary carer off a cliff.
* Switched the engines off in the plane taking them Florida which crashes, killing all on board except Lou and Andy. He also got up to walk up the beach. (Little Britain Abroad, Episode 1)
* When stranded on a "desert island" with Lou, found and apparently checked into a nearby hotel where, among other things, he helped himself to food from the buffet table, participated in a Limbo competition, played tennis, took scuba diving lessons then returned to his shelter with a cocktail. When he boasts to Lou about what he's done at the hotel, Lou does not suspect anything, but merely believes Andy's suffering Hallucinations. (Little Britain Abroad, Episode 2)
* Got up and hit a man over the head with chicken who flattened Lou in a Judo class while Lou was polishing his glasses. This is one of the few occasions that he has actually tried to defend (or get revenge for) Lou. (Series 3 Deleted Scene)
* Stolen the donations to a harvest festival while they were all praying in the church. He had previously requested one of the donations, which Lou had tried to talk him out of taking. (Season 3 Deleted Scene)
* Altered a Raphael painting to make it look like himself and Lou while Lou is asking a painting gallery assistant where he might find paintings Andy would enjoy. (Series 3 deleted scene)
* Urinated into an occupied hotel swimming pool

Antisocial (sometimes childish) Behaviour

*Stolen an ice cream from a child when Lou is talking to the child's mother.
*Trying to steal a woman's handbag.
*Wiping his hands on a woman's legs after sneezing in them.
*Letting Lou park his car into another car by just repeating "Fine!" even when Lou has already hit the other car.
*Insisting on playing the picture game "You Say We Pay" on the TV show Richard & Judy after Lou finally manages to get through the phone queue. He then ignores the hosts' instructions by literally naming the items shown when the aim of the game is to describe the item shown behind the hosts (who are facing the camera). If they correctly guess what you are describing you get £1000. Most people win around £6000. The hosts of the game show then state that he is the only player not to have won anything on the show. He then continues to name things during a commercial break.
*Shouting "Faster! Faster!" when Lou is doing 80mph in order to get home in time for a TV show, causing them to be stopped by the police, then stealing the policeman's motorbike and riding off.
*Tried to shoplift some food while Lou is selecting soup for his dinner, but Lou turns round and sees him doing it. After berating him, Lou moves on to select Baked Beans, but when Andy tries to shoplift more food, he escapes with a security guard in hot pursuit.
*Grabbing a woman's breast while she is talking to Lou.
*Looking up a woman's skirt while Lou asks her for directions.
*During the "Little Britain Abroad" series, Andy blows a long raspberry as a message to fellow passengers on a plane taking them to Florida, after the captain allows him an opportunity to make an announcement to the cabin.
*Stolen food from the church's Harvest hamper while everyone is praying (Series 3 Deleted Scene).
* Urinated in a swimming pool when he needed the toilet (Little Britain USA)

On-screen intelligence

The series 3 deleted scenes show Andy starting to display his intelligent side on screen:
*After getting a tattoo, Andy says "I regret it deeply" (instead of his usual "I don't like it")
*On two occasions when Lou has reminded Andy of something intelligent he has said off-screen, Andy replied "Stop repeatin' everything I say!" or "Stop paraphrasin' me!"

cenes for charity

In December 2005, Lou and Andy presented a show for Comic Relief. This featured Andy asking to open his Christmas presents early, so Lou let him open one. It was a 2-piece Balamory jigsaw puzzle which Andy claimed he could not do, so threw it away. He then gave Lou his Christmas present... a packet of cigars. Only when Lou tells Andy he doesn't smoke, Andy replies with "Yeah I know, there's none in anyway."

Later, Andy, after watching Rachel Stevens and Rowan Atkinson in a spoof of Spiderman, claims that he wants to touch Rachel Stevens's breasts saying that, since he is in a wheelchair, it could be arranged.

Andy later begs Lou for chocolate from the Christmas tree. Andy threatens to tell social services that Lou had beat him, so Lou relents, and gets a chocolate. Later he wants another one, so gets out of his wheelchair (while Lou is oblivious), and can't reach the last chocolate on the top of the tree. Andy cuts the top off the tree to get the chocolate. When he sits down in his wheelchair, Andy asks Lou to open it, much to the surprise of Lou.

Also, after watching a short film about poor children, Lou is very moved and sad from the film, but Andy remarks that it was boring.

As part of Red Nose Day 2007 Andy and Lou appeared alongside Brian Potter from Phoenix Nights and The Proclaimers in a special version of I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles). The video was later released as a fund raising single for Comic Relief. This reached the number one spot in the UK singles charts and was on Now 66.

In popular culture

* A Dead Ringers sketch features a parody of Lou and Andy, with the two replaced by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown respectively. The sketch depicts Brown, in a wheelchair, agreeing to read a speech praising Blair that the latter wrote, but jumping from the wheelchair as soon as Blair had left and reading instead "Blair stinks. Blair is crap. You all know it. Brown for Labour, Brown for Britain, Brown for Prime minister!" to the House of Commons.

* Lou and Andy both appeared in an episode of Neighbours titled "British Bulldog", broadcast in the UK on 6 September, 2007 and 14 June, 2007 in Australia. They had no dialogue but were seen in the background of the scene, Lou talking to Harold (most likely asking him for directions) while Andy (unseen by Lou) played on the arcade racing game and returned to his seat before Lou turned around and helped Andy out of the bar. The next episode shows that the high score on the arcade racing game has been knocked off. However, this was later revealed to be because of Rosetta Cammeniti, and not Andy.

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