Peter (first name)

Peter (first name)

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caption=Saint Peter as painted by Peter Paul Rubens.
name =Peter
pronunciation = PEE-tur, PE-ter, PAY-tur
gender = Male
meaning = stone
region =
origin = Greek
related names = Pete, Pearce, Pedro, Per, Peta, Petra, Pierre, Piers

Peter is a popular male given name. It comes from the Greek word "πετρος" (petros) meaning "stone" ("petra" in Latin), which is used in the form petro- to mean rock.

According to the New Testament, Jesus gave the Apostle Peter (whose given name was Simon) the name "Rock" ("Kephas" or Cephas in Aramaic). The name was later transliterated into Latin as "Petrus", from which the English form "Peter" derives.

In other languages

The following names can be interpreted as "Peter" in English:
*Afrikaans: Pieter
*Albanian: Pjetër
*Arabic: بطرس ("Boutros")
*Armenian: Պետրոս ("Bedros" in Western dialect, "Petros" in Eastern dialect)
*Basque: Kepa, Peio, Peru
*Belarusian: Пётр ("Piotr"), Пятро ("Piatro"), Пятрусь ("Piatruś")
*Bulgarian: Петър ("Petar")
*Catalan: Pere
*Chinese: 彼得 (bi3de2, "pite" )
*Cornish: Peder
*Croatian: Petar
*Czech: Petr
*Danish: Peter, Peder, Per, Peer, Pelle
*Dutch: Pieter
*Estonian: Peeter
*Faroese: Pætur, Petur, Per
*Frisian: Pier (see Pier Gerlofs Donia)
*Finnish: Pietari, Pekka, Petri, Petteri
*French: Pierre ("Note: True to the Greek, the word for stone in French is also "pierre")
*German: Peter ("Note: The form "Peer" also occurs, albeit less commonly. The Biblical Peter is translated as "Petrus".")
*Greek: Πέτρος (Pronounced Petros)
*Hindi: Pathrus
*Hebrew : פטרוס ("Petros")
*Hungarian: Péter
*Icelandic: Pétur
*Indian: Kaunteya
*Irish: Peadar
*Italian: Pietro, Piero
*Korean: 베드로 ("Bedeuro"; or, less commonly, 페트루스; "Peteuruseu"), 피터 ("Piteo")
*Japanese: ピーター ("Piitaa"), and in Biblical contexts ペトロ ("Petoro"), ペテロ ("Petero"), or ペトロス ("Petorosu")
*Latin: Petrus
*Latvian: Pēteris
*Lithuanian: Petras
*Macedonian: Петар ("Petar"), Петре ("Petre")
*Malayalam: Pathrose
*Maltese: Pietru
*Manx: Peddyr
*Norwegian: Peter, Petter, Per
*Persian: پطرس ("Petros")
*Polish: Piotr, Piotrek (equivalent to Pete), Piotruś (diminutive)
*Portuguese: Pedro, Pêro (old Portuguese)
*Romanian: Petru, Petre
*Russian: Пётр ("Pyotr"), Петя ("Petya") (diminutive)
*Serbian: Петар, Petar
*Silesian: Pyjter, Piter
*Slovak: Peter
*Slovenian: Peter
*Spanish: Pedro
*Swahili: Petero
*Swedish: Peter, Per, Pär, Pelle
*Tamil: Pethuru, Raayappar (in biblical contexts)
*Ukrainian: Петро ("Petro"), Петрик ("Petryk") (diminutive), Петрусь ("Petrus"') (diminutive)
*Welsh: Pedr



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