Trials of Death

Trials of Death

"Trials of Death" is the fifth book in The Saga of Darren Shan by the author Darren Shan.

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name = Trials of Death

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author = Darren Shan
country = United Kingdom
language = English
series = The Saga of Darren Shan
genre = Young adult, Horror novel
publisher = Little, Brown
release_date = 2003
media_type = Print (Paperback)
pages = Up to 166 and more
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preceded_by = Vampire Mountain
followed_by = The Vampire Prince

The main character, Darren Shan takes part in the Trials of Initiation.The trials are a series of tasks that vampires used to have to do to prove themselves to the Princes.Now it is only used for people who want to become a general or if they want to show they are a good vampire, but Darren Shan has to do the trials because Mr. Crepsley blooded him when he was only a child and Darren chooses to stand up for his mentor.

The first of four trials is The Aquatic Maze, which is a maze that fills steadily with water while Darren has to get through while dragging a rock half his weight. The second Trial is The Path of Needles, which is a tunnel full of stalagmites and stalactites which splinter badly and are as sharp as knives (Darren must get from one end to the other, barefoot and in only leather shorts). The third Trial is The Hall of Flames, which is a metal room with holes that shoot out flames, Darren must remain in the room for fifteen minutes, trying not to get 'roasted'.

He completes three, and is rescued by Harkat Mulds during the fourth when he fights two 'blooded boars' (wild boars 'infected' with vampire blood). As the interference is illegal and counts as forfeit, he does not succeed, Darren is sentenced to die at the Hall of Death. Kurda persuades him to run away. They are halfway when Gavner catches up with them and tags along. They stumble across an army of 37 vampaneze. Kurda tells Darren to run and Gavner and Kurda fight them. Darren turns back and watches as Kurda swing his knife in a magnificent arc into Gavner, killing him. It turns out that Kurda was in league with the vampaneze. Kurda argues that his intentions are noble, and that he just wanted the vampires to reconcile with the vampaneze. Darren then runs throughout the many tunnels and reaches the Hall of final Voyage. Kurda chases after Darren but Darren jumps into the river and shouts "Even in death, may I be triumphant!" as the current swiftly carries him away ending the book.

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