East China Normal University

East China Normal University

East China Normal University (ECNU) (zh-stp|s=华东师范大学|t=華東師范大學|p=Huádōng Shīfàn Dàxué), was founded in October 1951 in western Shanghai, on the campus of Daxia University. It is the first Normal University of the People's Republic of China, is one of China's top comprehensive research-oriented universities.

name = East China Normal University
nickname = 华东师大/华师大
motto = 求实创造 为人师表

established =1951
type =Public
faculty =1,660
president =Prof.Yu Lizhong
(俞立中 教授)
undergrad =13,485
postgrad =7,730
foregn students = 2,766
city =Shanghai
country =China
campus =Putuo Campus
(1072.25 acres)
Minhang Campus (2071.53 acres)
website = [http://www.ecnu.edu.cn www.ecnu.edu.cn]


In 1951, East China Normal University (ECNU) was founded. It was principally based on the former "Daxia University" and "Guanghua University".

In addition, some departments/staffs from the following Universities were also incorporated into the then newly formed East China (Normal) University:
*Datong University
*East Asia Physical Education College
*Fudan University
*Hujiang University
*St. John's University
*Tongji University
*Zhengdan University
*Zhejiang UniversityIn 1959, East China Normal University was indentified as one of the 16 National Key Universities in China.

In 1972, East China Normal University was renamed Shanghai Normal University, when it merged "Shanghai Teachers Institute", "Shanghai Education Institute", "Shanghai Physical Education Institute", and "Shanghai in-Service Teachers Institute". In 1978, the four institutes detached and resume their original status'. In July 1980, the University resumed its original name.

In 1997 and 1998, "Shanghai Education Institute", "Shanghai Second Education Institute" and "Shanghai Preschool Education College" merged into ECNU successively.

Recently, ECNU has entered into an agreement with New York University (NYU) to establish a study-abroad program enabling almost 200 students from NYU to study at ECNU each academic year.



East China Normal University is a Key University directly under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. It is listed as a member of the “project 985” and “project 211” (National Key University). The University is situated in the down town of Shanghai and is well known as a Garden University for its beautiful campus.

East China Normal University is a comprehensive and research University with strong faculty. It has 1,700 full time teachers, including 1,100 professors and associate professors. Covering the academic area of Science, liberal arts, management, engineering, law, education, philosophy, history and economy, The University now has 19 full-time schools, consists of 44 departments offering 61 undergraduate programs, 130 doctoral programs and 170 Master's programs, nearly 13500 undergraduates, 8900 post graduates and about 2700 long-term and short-term International students.

East China Normal University owns the state base for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. It is also pointed by the office of overseas Chinese of the State Council as the Chinese teaching center. The online school of Chinese Language jointly run by the University and the National office of TCFL has become the biggest website in the world for teaching Chinese as a foreign language.




The University consists of 19 full-time schools, which include totally 44 departments offering 61 undergraduate programs. These schools are:
*Educational Science
*Educational Administration
*Preschool education and Special education
*Foreign languages
*Finance and Statistics
*Law and Politics
*Sports and Health
*Science and Engineering
*Resource and Environmental science
*Life Science
*Information Science and Technology
*Teaching Chinese as a foreign language
*Software engineering
*Vocational College


*In 1993, the school of Literature and Art was founded.
*In April 1994, the School of Humanities was first founded, comprising the History, Philosophy, Law/Politics and Social sciences departments.
*In April 2001, the school of Humanities was reconstructed. The Law and Politics and Social Science departments separated from each other, and the School of Literature and Art was merged. The new structure consisted of six departments; the Chinese language and Literature, History, Philosophy, International Chinese Studies and Art Education departments, in addition to the Institute of Ancient Chinese Book Studies. The school is affiliated with the following research institutes and centres; Institute of Literature, the Institute of Chinese Historiography, the Institute of Philosophy, the Information and Research Center of Literature, History and Philosophy, the Center for Chinese Studies Abroad, the Research Center for International Chinese Language and Culture, the Research Center of Religion and Culture, the Research Center of Hakkalogy, the Research Center of the History of China's Enterprises, and the Research Center of History Education.

Key Laboratories

tate Key Laboratories

* [http://www.sklec.ecnu.edu.cn/sklec/ENG/ State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research]
* [http://www.oms.ecnu.edu.cn/ State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy]

Key Laboratories of Provincial Level and Ministerial Level

*Key Laboratory of Brain Functional Genomics,Ministry of Education
*Key Laboratory of Geography-Information Science,Ministry of Education
* [http://sbg.ecnu.edu.cn/english/index.asp Shanghai Insititute of Brain Functional Genomics ]
*Shanghai Key Laboratory of Green Chemistry and Green Chemical Process
*Shanghai Key Laboratory of Urbanization & Ecological Restoration
*Shanghai Key Laboratory of Trustworthy Computing

"Ref: http://english.ecnu.edu.cn/"

Key Research Bases In Humanities and Social Science

* [http://www.kcs.ecnu.edu.cn/jdgk_english.htm Institute of Curriculum and Instruction]
*Institute of Modern Chinese Thought and Culture
*Center For Russian Studies
* [http://www.wenzi.cn/English/aboutus.htm Center for the Study of Chinese Characters and Their Applications]
* [http://www.dedu.ecnu.edu.cn/en/index.htm Institute of Schooling Reform and Development]
* [http://ccmc.ecnu.edu.cn/english/en_index.htm Center for Modern Chinese City Studies]

"Ref: http://www.ecnu.edu.cn/2005english/research/keylaboratories&researchbases.htm"

Noted Alumni

*Wang Huning (王沪宁):Member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee and director of Policy Research Office of the CPC Central Committee.
*He Xian(何宪):Vice Minister of the Ministry of Personnel of the P.R.China.
*Han Zheng(韩正):Mayor of Shanghai.
*Xue Yongqi(薛永祺):Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
*Song Daxiang(宋大祥):Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
*Liu Boli(刘伯里):Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
*Stephen Z.D. Cheng(程正迪):Academician of the National Academy of Engineering
*Lu Bai(鲁白):Senior Investigator of National Institutes of Health.
*Joe Z. Tsien(钱卓):Building a brainier mouse.
*Jiang Nanchun(江南春):Founder of Focus Media.
*Liu Xiang(刘翔):Gold medal at 110 metre hurdles in the 2004 Summer Olympics and superstar
*Xue Peijian(薛沛建):President of Shanghai Media Group.
*Yao Ming(姚明): 7"6ft NBA basketball player and superstar
*Ewan O' Connor

Alumni Associations

* [http://alumni.ecnu.edu.cn East China Normal University Alumni Association]
* [http://www.ecnuaaa.org East China Normal University Alumni Association in US]
* [http://www.summerrainisland.org East China Normal University Alumni Association in North California]


Address: East China Normal University, 3663 Zhongshan Road (N.) , Shanghai 200062, P.R. China Tel: +86-21-62233333

ee also

*List of universities in Mainland China


* [http://english.ecnu.edu.cn/ ECNU English Website]
* [http://lxs.ied.ecnu.edu.cn/defaultEn.aspx ECNU International Students Office]
* [http://www.ecnu.edu.cn/new_gonggao/img2/index.asp ECNU Photos Website]
* [http://www.dag.ecnu.edu.cn ECNU Archives Online]
* [http://www.hanyu.com.cn Hanyu Online(汉语网)]

External links

* [http://www.ecnu.edu.cn ECNU Website]
* [http://hanyu.ecnu.edu.cn International College of Chinese Studies, ECNU]
* [http://phy.ecnu.edu.cn Department of Physics, ECNU]
* [http://bbs.ecnu.edu.cn/ Liwa River BBS(丽娃河论坛)]
* [http://www.iecnu.com 爱在华师大]
* [http://ecnu.6dxy.com/ 3D map]

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