Sachsen class frigate

Sachsen class frigate

The F124 Sachsen class is Germany's latest class of highly advanced air-defense frigates. The design of the Sachsen class frigate is based on that of the F123 Brandenburg class but with enhanced stealth features intended to deceive any opponent's radar and acoustic sensors and incorporate also the advanced multifunction radar APAR as well as the SMART-L long-range radar which is claimed to be capable of detecting stealth aircraft and stealth missiles. Although designated as frigates, they are in capability and size comparable to destroyers.

With 2.1 billion euros for only three ships, this was one of the most expensive ship building programs of the German Navy. They are similar to the Dutch De Zeven Provinciën class frigates. Both the Sachsen class and the De Zeven Provinciën class frigates are based on the use of a common primary anti-air warfare system using the Standard SM-2 and Evolved Sea Sparrow medium range SAMs.

In June 1996 the German government contracted for three ships with an option on a fourth that was provisionally to have been named as the "Thüringen", but the option for this fourth ship was not taken up.

The F124 class frigates are larger and much more capable in all aspects than the Lütjens class destroyers, which they replaced.


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All three vessels form part of the "2. Fregattengeschwader" ("2nd Frigate Squadron") based in Wilhelmshaven.

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