Guided missile destroyer

Guided missile destroyer

A guided missile destroyer is a destroyer designed to launch guided missiles. Many are also equipped to carry out anti-submarine, anti-air, and anti-surface operations. In the U.S. Navy, their hull classification symbol is DDG.

In addition to the guns which destroyers have, a guided missile destroyer is usually equipped with two large missile magazines which store the missiles for the ship, usually in Vertical Launch Cells. Some guided missile destroyers contain powerful weapon system radars, like the United States’ Aegis combat system, and may be adopted for use in an anti-missile role or a ballistic missile defense role. This is especially true of navies which no longer operate cruisers, as other vessels must be adopted to fill in the gap.

Active and Planned Guided Missile Destroyers:

List of DDGs of the Canadian Forces Maritime Command

*HMCS "Iroquois" (DDH 280)
*HMCS "Athabaskan" (DDH 282)
*HMCS "Algonquin" (DDH 283)

List of DDGs of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy

*Luhu class destroyer - 2 ships
*Luhai class destroyer - 1 ship
*Luyang I class destroyer - 2 ships
*Luyang II class destroyer - 2 ships
*Luzhou class destroyer - 2 ships
*Sovremenny class destroyer - 4 ships

List of DDGs of the Indian Navy

*INS Delhi (D61)
*INS Mysore (D60)
*INS Mumbai (D62)
*INS Rajput (D51)
*INS Rana (D52)
*INS Ranjit (D53)
*INS Ranvir (D54)
*INS Ranvijay (D55)
*6 Kolkata class destroyers

List of DDGs of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

*JDS "Amatsukaze" (DDG-163)
*JDS "Tachikaze" (DDG 168)
*JDS "Asakaze" (DDG 169)
*JDS "Sawakaze" (DDG 170)
*JDS "Hatakaze" (DDG 171)
*JDS "Shimakaze" (DDG 172)
*JDS "Kongō" (DDG 173)
*JDS "Kirishima" (DDG 174)
*JDS "Myōkō" (DDG 175)
*JDS "Chōkai" (DDG 176)
*JDS "Atago" (DDG 177)
*JDS "Ashigara" (DDG 178)

List of DDGs of the French Navy

*FS Forbin (D620)
*FS Chevalier Paul (D621)
*FS Duquesne (D603)
*FS Cassard (D614)
*FS Jean Bart (D615)
*FS Tourville D610
*FS De Grasse D612
*FS Georges Leygues D640
*FS Dupleix D641
*FS Montcalm D642
*FS Jean de Vienne D643
*FS Primauguet D644
*FS La Motte Picquet D645
*FS Latouche-Tréville D646

= List of DDGs of the Italian Navy =

*Ardito (D550)
*Audace (D551)
*Luigi Durand De La Penne (D 560)
*Francesco Mimbelli (D 561)
*Andrea Doria
*Caio Duilio

List of DDGs of the Russian Navy

*Sovremenny class destroyer - 12 ships
*Udaloy class destroyer - 8 ships

List of DDGs of the Republic of Korea Navy

*ROKS King Sejong the Great (DDG-991)

List of DDGs of the Royal Navy

Type 45 destroyer
*"HMS Daring" (D32)
*"HMD Dauntless" (D33)
*"HMS Diamond" (D34)
*"HMS Dragon" (D35)
*"HMS Defender" (D36)
*"HMS Duncan" (D37)

Type 42 destroyer
*HMS "Exeter" (D89)
*HMS "Nottingham" (D91)
*HMS "Southampton" (D90)
*HMS "Liverpool" (D92)
*HMS "Manchester" (D95)
*HMS "Edinburgh" (D97)
*HMS "Gloucester" (D96)
*HMS "York" (D98)

List of DDGs of the US Navy

Arleigh Burke class destroyer
*USS "Arleigh Burke" (DDG-51)
*USS "Barry" (DDG-52)
*USS "John Paul Jones" (DDG-53)
*USS "Curtis Wilbur" (DDG 54)
*USS "Stout" (DDG 55)
*USS "John S. McCain" (DDG 56)
*USS "Mitscher" (DDG 57)
*USS "Laboon" (DDG 58)
*USS "Russell" (DDG 59)
*USS "Paul Hamilton" (DDG 60)
*USS "Ramage" (DDG 61)
*USS "Fitzgerald" (DDG 62)
*USS "Stethem" (DDG 63)
*USS "Carney" (DDG 64)
*USS "Benfold" (DDG 65)
*USS "Gonzalez" (DDG 66)
*USS "Cole" (DDG 67)
*USS "The Sullivans" (DDG 68)
*USS "Milius" (DDG 69)
*USS "Hopper" (DDG 70)
*USS "Ross" (DDG 71)
*USS "Mahan" (DDG 72)
*USS "Decatur" (DDG 73)
*USS "McFaul" (DDG 74)
*USS "Donald Cook" (DDG 75)
*USS "Higgins" (DDG 76)
*USS "O'Kane" (DDG 77)
*USS "Porter" (DDG 78)
*USS "Oscar Austin" (DDG 79)
*USS "Roosevelt" (DDG 80)
*USS "Winston S. Churchill" (DDG 81)
*USS "Lassen" (DDG 82)
*USS "Howard" (DDG 83)
*USS "Bulkeley" (DDG 84)
*USS "McCampbell" (DDG 85)
*USS "Shoup" (DDG 86)
*USS "Mason" (DDG 87)
*USS "Preble" (DDG 88)
*USS "Mustin" (DDG 89)
*USS "Chafee" (DDG 90)
*USS "Pinckney" (DDG 91)
*USS "Momsen" (DDG 92)
*USS "Chung-Hoon" (DDG 93)
*USS "Nitze" (DDG 94)
*USS "James E. Williams" (DDG 95)
*USS "Bainbridge" (DDG 96)
*USS "Halsey" (DDG 97)
*USS "Forrest Sherman" (DDG 98)
*USS "Farragut" (DDG 99)
*USS "Kidd" (DDG 100)
*USS "Gridley" (DDG 101)
*USS "Sampson" (DDG 102)
*"Truxtun" (DDG 103)
*"Sterett" (DDG 104)
*"Dewey" (DDG 105)
*"Stockdale" (DDG 106)
*"Gravely" (DDG 107)
*"Wayne E. Meyer" (DDG 108)
*"Jason Dunham" (DDG 109)
*"William P. Lawrence" (DDG 110)
*"Spruance" (DDG 111)

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