Policy of Truth

Policy of Truth

Infobox Single
Name = Policy of Truth

Artist = Depeche Mode
from Album = Violator
B-side = "Kaleid"
Released = May 7 1990
Format = Vinyl record 7", 12", CD
Recorded = 1989
Genre = Synthpop
Length = 7" - 5:08
12" - 8:00
Label = Mute Records
Writer = Martin Gore
Producer = Depeche Mode and Flood
Chart position =
* #7 (Germany)
* #12 (Switzerland)
* #20 (Sweden)
* #31 (France)
* #16 (UK)
* #15 (US Hot 100)
* #1 (US Modern Rock)
* #2 (US Dance)
Reviews =
* allmusic [http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:97yvad5kv8wn link]
Last single = "Enjoy the Silence"
This single = "Policy of Truth"
Next single = "World in My Eyes"

"Policy of Truth" is Depeche Mode's twenty-fifth UK single, released on May 7, 1990, and the third single for the album "Violator".

The cover art for "Policy of Truth" has the blurred image of a nude woman. The camera angles and poses differ on the 7" Vinyl, the 12" Vinyl, the CD and Cassette. Usually each one has more than one. On the L12, there is a picture of a different woman.

It is the only Depeche Mode single to chart higher on the Billboard Hot 100 (#15) than on the UK Singles Chart (#16).

The B-side is "Kaleid" (pronounced "collide"), which has an extended version called When Worlds Mix. Unlike many of the prior instrumentals which were piano compositions, this one is a rough techno instrumental. However, the "Kaleid [Remix] " is more light-hearted, but has the same apocalyptic idea. "Kaleid" is not produced by Depeche Mode and Flood, but just Depeche Mode.

The Trancentral Mix is by The KLF, a very popular techno band at that time and one of only 3 occasions that they did remix work for other artists, the other being So Hard and its B-side "It must be obvious" by the Pet Shop Boys and "What Is Dub?" by Moody Boys.

Capitol Mix uses the sample "I want to tell you my side of the case" from the Checkers speech by Richard Nixon.

A version of "Kaleid" was used as intro music for Depeche Mode's world tour in 1990.

The music video for "Policy of Truth" is directed by Anton Corbijn and appears on the VHS collection "Strange Too".

Despite its success as a single, "Policy of Truth" was not included on the band's "Best of..." hits collection of 2006.

Track listings

title=Depeche Mode "Policy of Truth" (1990)
description=29 second sample from Depeche Mode's "Policy of Truth".

7": Mute / Bong19 (UK)

# "Policy of Truth" (5:10)
# "Kaleid" (4:17)

12": Mute / 12Bong19 (UK)

# "Policy of Truth [Beat Box Mix Edit] " (6:31) (remixed by François Kevorkian)
# "Policy of Truth [Capitol Mix] " (8:00) (remixed by François Kevorkian)
# "Kaleid [When Worlds Mix] " (5:22) (remixed by Daniel Miller and George Holt)

12": Mute / L12Bong19 (UK)

# "Policy of Truth [Trancentral Mix] " (7:40) (remixed by The KLF)
# "Kaleid [Remix] " (4:36) (remixed by Bruce Smith and Sean Oliver)
# "Policy of Truth [Pavlov's Dub] " (5:27) (remixed by François Kevorkian)

CD: Mute / CDBong19 (UK)

# "Policy of Truth [Beat Box Mix Edit] " (6:31)
# "Policy of Truth [Capitol Mix] " (8:00)
# "Kaleid [Remix] " (4:36)

CD: Mute / CDBong19X (EU)

# "Policy of Truth" (5:10)
# "Kaleid" (4:17)
# "Policy of Truth [Beat Box Mix] " (7:13)
# "Policy of Truth [Capitol Mix] " (8:00)
# "Kaleid [When Worlds Mix] " (5:22)
# "Policy of Truth [Trancentral Mix] " (7:40)
# "Kaleid [Remix] " (4:36)
# "Policy of Truth [Pavlov's Dub] " (5:27)

The second CD is the 2004 re-release

CD: Sire/Reprise / 9 21534-2 (US)

# "Policy of Truth" (5:10)
# "Policy of Truth [Capitol Mix] " (8:00)
# "Policy of Truth [Beat Box Mix] " (7:13)
# "Kaleid [Remix] " (4:36)
# "Policy of Truth [Pavlov's Dub] " (5:27)
* "Pavlov's Dub" is mislabeled as the "Trancentral Mix"

Released May 22nd 1990

All songs written by Martin L. Gore

Cover Versions

*The Ohio Industrial band Disown covered "Policy of Truth" on their 2005 release 'Requiem of One'
*German rock band Terry Hoax covered "Policy of Truth" in 1992.
*Melodious Thunk covered "Policy of Truth" on their 2000 release Ye Olde Thunke CDe
*Dishwalla covered "Policy of Truth" on the Depeche Mode cover album For the Masses
*South African band 16Stitch's powerful cover of "Policy of Truth" can be found on their new album, entitled "The Collapse Of Air" (samples of this cover version can also be heard on their DVD)
*New York based rock band Black N Blues did a cover on their album Volume One
*Uruguayan band Rey Toro covered the song on their first album Reytoro
*The late Latvian band Mary Jane have covered "Policy of Truth" live extensively through years 2000 and 2002.

External links

* [http://archives.depechemode.com/discography/singles/28_policyoftruth.html Single information from the official Depeche Mode web site]
* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO6DqVhSDUU Video on YouTube]

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