Storage service provider

Storage service provider

A Storage Service Provider (SSP) is any company that provides computer storage space and related management services. SSPs also offer periodic backup and archiving.

Advantages of managed storage are that more space can be ordered as required. Depending upon your SSP, backups may also be managed.Faster data access can be ordered as required. Also, maintenance costs may be reduced, particularly for larger organizations who store a large or increasing volumes of data. Another advantage is that best practices are likely to be followed. Disadvantages are that the cost may be prohibitive, for small organizations or individuals who deal with smaller amounts or static volumes of data and that there's less control of data systems.

Types of Managed Storage

Managed storage, is normally accessed via a network (LAN), or a series of networks (Internet). However, managed storage may be directly attached to a workstation or server, which is not managed by SSP.

Managed Storage generally falls into one of the following categories:
*Locally Managed Storage
*Remotely Managed Storage

Locally Managed Storage

Advantages of this type of storage are a high speed access to data and greater control over data availability. A disadvantage is that additional space is required at local site to store the data.

Remotely Managed Storage

Advantages of this type of storage are that it may be used an off site backup, it offers global access (depending upon configuration) and adding storage will not require additional space at the local site. However, if the network providing connectivity to the remote data is interrupted, there will be data availiiblity issues, unless distributed file systems are in use.

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