Teal may mean:
*Teal (color), a greenish dark-blue color
* A species of duck, such as:
** The Ringed Teal, "Callonetta leucophrys"
** The Common Teal, "Anas crecca"
** The Green-winged Teal, "Anas carolinensis"
** The Black Teal, "Aythya novaeseelandiae"
** The Brown Teal, "Anas aucklandica"
** The Silver Teal, "Anas versicolor"
** The Cape Teal, "Anas capensis"
** The Marbled Teal, "Marmaronetta angustirostris"
** The Blue-winged Teal, "Anas discors"
** The Campbell Island Teal "Anas nesiotis"
*Claud Eustace Teal (Mr. Teal), a character in the novels of Leslie Charteris
*Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL)
*The Thurston Teal amphibious aircraft, also known as the Schweizer Teal
*A medic with skin-altering abilities in the manga Monochrome. Short for Tiernan.
*The Typo eradication advancement league

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