Thoracoacromial artery

Thoracoacromial artery

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Name = Thoracoacromial artery
Latin = arteria thoracoacromialis
GraySubject = 149
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Caption = Branches of axillary artery, including thoracoacromial artery

Caption2 = The scapular and circumflex arteries. (Thoracoacromial branch of thoracoacromial labeled at upper right.)
BranchFrom = axillary artery
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The thoracoacromial artery (acromiothoracic artery; thoracic axis) is a short trunk, which arises from the forepart of the axillary artery, its origin being generally overlapped by the upper edge of the Pectoralis minor.


Projecting forward to the upper border of the Pectoralis minor, it pierces the coracoclavicular fascia and divides into four branches—pectoral, acromial, clavicular, and deltoid.


One mnemonic used to remember the four branches is "Cadavers Are Dead People". [MedicalMnemonics|3425|1207|662|]



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* - "Pectoral Region: Thoracoacromial Artery and its Branches"
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