AZ, Az or az can mean:__NOTOC__


* AZ (football club), a Dutch football (soccer) club
* AZ (rapper), a rapper from Brooklyn, New York
* Alitalia, IATA airline designator for the national airline of Italy
* Arizona (United States postal abbreviations)
* AstraZeneca, common abbreviation for the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company
* Azerbaijan, a European country, designated by the 2-letter ISO 3166-1 country code
* Azimuth (as in "el-az", short for "elevation and azimuth"), the horizontal component of a compass direction
* Authority Zero, an Arizona punk rock band.


* A (Cyrillic), the first letter of the Early Cyrillic alphabet


* Azerbaijani language, designated by the ISO 639-1 international-standard language-code "az"
* "that" or "the" (definite article, pair of the indefinite "an" in English) in Hungarian language

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