List of Metal Gear Solid characters

List of Metal Gear Solid characters

This is a list of characters appearing in the video game "Metal Gear Solid" (and, by extension, its remake, ""). All characters were created by Hideo Kojima and designed by Yoji Shinkawa; [citeweb| author = Gamespot staff|url=|accessdate= 25 November|accessyear = 2006|title=Metal Gear Solid tech info @ GameSpot] who has designed the characters for all subsequent "Metal Gear Solid" games. Most of the original American voice cast were initially credited under pseudonyms since they did not know if the project was supported by the Screen Actors Guild or not. [citeweb|url=|accessdate= 26 November|a accessyear = 2006|title=Metal Gear Solid trivia @ IMDb] The only ones who used their real names were David Hayter (Solid Snake) and Doug Stone (Psycho Mantis).

"Metal Gear Solid" was the first game in the "Metal Gear" series to feature fully voiced characters and 3D graphics, [citeweb|url=|title= Metal Gear Solid Review IGN|author= Randy Nelson|accessdate= 4 December|accessyear = 2006] whereas "Metal Gear" and ' both showed conversation either over a voiceless radio or via text displayed on-screen. The graphics in the previous two installments were 8-bit, [citeweb|url=|title= AskMen MGS3: Subsistence review|accessdate= 9 January|accessyear= 2007] rendering the characters in a 2D form. [citeweb|url=|accessdate= 18 December|accessyear = 2006|author= Konami Staff|title= Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence website] The 2004 remake, "Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes", featured updated graphics using the graphical engine of the Nintendo GameCube. This meant that the graphics for the remake rendered the characters in a similar way to that of '. [citeweb|author= IGN staff|url=|title= Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes @ IGN|accessdate= 9 December|accessyear= 2006]

Main characters

Solid Snake

Solid Snake (voiced by David Hayter in the English language releases and by Akio Otsuka in Japanese) is the central character of "Metal Gear Solid". He is sent into the Shadow Moses facility in order to rescue the captive DARPA Chief Donald Anderson and ArmsTech president Kenneth Baker, [Campbell: Now you understand how serious the situation is. You'll have two mission objectives. First, you're to rescue the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Chief, Donald Anderson, and the president of ArmsTech, Kenneth Baker. They're both being held as hostages. ("Metal Gear Solid")] and later to eliminate the nuclear threat posed by the latest incarnation of Metal Gear, [Snake: Meryl's got the detonation override keys. We'll link up with her.// Emmerich : If we can't override the launch we'll have to destroy Rex. ("Metal Gear Solid")] Metal Gear REX. He eliminates every member of FOXHOUND (with the exception of Revolver Ocelot) and destroys Metal Gear REX.Liquid: Just because you've destroyed Metal Gear doesn't mean I'm done fighting. ("Metal Gear Solid")] His physique was based on Jean Claude Van Damme, while his facial appearance was originally based on Christopher Walken. [cite web|Konami site staff|url=|title=Yoji Shinkawa's Art Gallery from the official "Metal Gear Solid" website|accessdate= 19 July|accessyear = 2006|date=9 |year=1998 |month=July|publisher=Konami|language=Japanese] [cite book|title=Metal Gear Solid: Official Mission Handbook|last=Hodgson |first=David S.J.|year=1998|publisher=Millennium Publications Inc. |pages=142]

Meryl Silverburgh

Meryl Silverburgh (voiced by Debi Mae West and Kyoko Terase) serves as Solid Snake's sidekick and love interest in "Metal Gear Solid". She is former FOXHOUND commander, Roy Campbell's daughter (first thought to be niece, before Campbell reveals affair with Meryl's mother), and a member of the "Next Generation Special Forces" (reserve members of FOXHOUND). [cite book|title = Metal Gear Solid game manual| publisher = Konami| date = 1998| location = New Zealand| pages = 36] During the mission she is captured and subjected to torture and "things even worse than that". [Meryl: It wasn't that bad. I didn't give in to the torture. // Snake: Torture? // Meryl: ...And things even worse than that... I was fighting too. Just like you] [Campbell: She's my little brother's girl. He died in the Gulf War. Since then I've been watching after her.] In the end she escapes with Snake.cite video game|title= Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty|developer= Hideo Kojima|publisher= Konami|date= 2002|platform= Playstation 2|language= English]

Gray Fox

Gray Fox (voiced by Greg Eagles (original), Rob Paulsen ("The Twin Snakes") and Kaneto Shiozawa) appears in the form of a "Cyborg Ninja" in "Metal Gear Solid". He is equipped with a powered exoskeleton and katana that can slice through steel."cite book|title = Metal Gear Solid game manual| publisher = Konami| date = 1998| location = New Zealand| pages = 40] Throughout the mission he provides Snake with anonymous messages via Codec, using the pseudonym "Deepthroat". [Fox: We're just about out of time. Here's a final present from Deepthroat. I'll stop it from moving!] Snake does battle with Fox in a laboratory while on his way to rescue Hal Emmerich, a scientist held captive. [Ninja: It is nothing so trivial as revenge. A fight to the death with you. Only in that can my soul find respite. I will kill you or you will kill me... it makes no difference. ("Metal Gear Solid")] Fox assists Snake in destroying the radome on Metal Gear REX, [Snake: He destroyed the radome...] but is killed by REX, being piloted by terrorist leader Liquid Snake. [Liquid: Foolish man. He prayed for death... and it found him. You see? You can't protect anyone!! Not even yourself! Die!! ("Metal Gear Solid")]

Hal "Otacon" Emmerich

Hal "Otacon" Emmerich (voiced by Christopher Randolph and Hideyuki Tanaka) appears in "Metal Gear Solid" as the designer of Metal Gear REX and captive at Shadow Moses. After Snake rescued him from Gray Fox, Otacon offered him support via Codec. [Otacon: Sure. I know everything about this whole base. About this base or Rex. Also, with this stealth camouflage, I can sneak in and out of the armory and mess hall. If you need ammo or rations, just tell me and I'll bring them to you. I'm on frequency 141.12. See ya later. ("Metal Gear Solid")] While he was captured, Otacon developed an infatuation with FOXHOUND member Sniper Wolf, [Otacon: Why!?... I loved you ("Metal Gear Solid")] who is later killed by Solid Snake.Wolf: Everyone's here now. Okay, hero, set me free. // Otacon: Goodbye... Snake, you said that love could bloom on a battlefield... But I couldn't save her. ("Metal Gear Solid")] His first name "Hal" is based on that of the computer Hal 9000from the movie ', notably also, the main character Solid Snake's real name "David" came from "2001: A Space Odysseys main character David Bowman. [cite video| title = Making of the Hollywood game (Metal Gear Solid 2 Making of DVD)| medium =DVD| publisher = Konami|location =New Zealand| date =2001]


Liquid Snake

Liquid Snake (voiced by Cam Clarke and Banjo Ginga) serves as "Metal Gear Solid"'s main antagonist against Solid Snake, who is also his genetic twin. [Liquid: Yes, twins, but we're not ordinary twins... we're twins linked by cursed genes. Les enfants terribles. You're fine. You got all the old man's dominant genes. I got all the flawed, recessive genes. Everything was done so that you would be the greatest of his children. The only reason I exist is so they could create you ("Metal Gear Solid")] In the game Liquid poses as Snake's former survival coach Master Miller and tricks Snake into activating the new version of Metal Gear, Metal Gear REX. After this the entire final act of the game involves Snake and Liquid fighting, first with Liquid piloting Metal Gear,Liquid: Just because you've destroyed Metal Gear doesn't mean I'm done fighting. ("Metal Gear Solid")] secondly in a bare handed fist fight, [Liquid: There's no way out for us. Let's finish this before the air strike. You stole everything from me. Only your death can satisfy me. Only your death can return to me what is rightly mine. She'll make a beautiful sacrifice for our final battle. ("Metal Gear Solid")] and finally in a car chase before Liquid is killed by the FOXDIE virus. [Liquid: ...Snaaaake... Fo... Fox...? Snake : Die... If he's dead, that means... ("Metal Gear Solid")] Following his appearance in "Metal Gear Solid" Liquid was named the "Greatest Villain of All Time" by IGN. [citeweb|author = IGN Staff|url =|title= IGN 25 Greatest List|accessdate = 23 November|accessyear = 2006]

Revolver Ocelot

Revolver Ocelot (voiced by Patric Zimmerman and Koji Totani) is introduced in "Metal Gear Solid" and is a Russian gunslinger who specialises in interrogation. [Campbell: And Revolver Ocelot, specialist in interrogation and a formidable gunfighter ("Metal Gear Solid")] He serves as Liquid's right hand man and encounters Snake twice, the first time while Snake is attempting to rescue ArmsTech president Kenneth Baker, [Ocelot : Just what I'd expect from the man with the same code as the boss. It's been a long time since I've had such a good fight but I'm just getting warmed up. ("Metal Gear Solid")] the second time is when Ocelot tortures Snake while he is captured. [Liquid: Perhaps there's a spy among us... Mantis is dead. We've also got to find out what killed Baker and Octopus. We're short-handed, so make this little torture show of yours as short as possible. // Ocelot: Torture? This is an interrogation. ("Metal Gear Solid")] Once the mission is complete he is the sole survivor of the FOXHOUND unit. After the game credits have rolled it is revealed through a one-way phone call the Ocelot is secretly a double agent sent in by the US President to recover REX's dummy warhead data. [Ocelot:...No sir. My cover is intact. Nobody knows who I really am ("Metal Gear Solid")] His appearance is based on that of veteran Western film actor Lee Van Cleef. [citeweb|author= Gamerz Edge staff|url=|archiveurl=|archivedate=2006-12-21 "Gamerz-Edge|title= Gamerz Edge interview with Ryan payton|accessdate= November 26|accessyear = 2006]

Sniper Wolf

Sniper Wolf (voiced by Tasia Valenza and Naoko Nakamura) is the Iraqi-Kurdish sharpshooter of the FOXHOUND unit. [ [ Metal Gear Saga - Sniper Wolf] ] [Naomi: It must be Sniper Wolf, FOX-HOUND's best shooter ("Metal Gear Solid")] [Liquid: Is that your opinion as a Kurd? // Wolf : They always put politics first. ("Metal Gear Solid")] Though snipers usually work in pairs, Sniper Wolf works alone. [Snake: Sniper's usually work in pairs, but this one's alone, huh? ("Metal Gear Solid")] She is also another "disciple" of Big Boss, the antagonist from the previous two "Metal Gear" games. [Wolf: But then... he appeared. My hero... Saladin... he took me away from all that... // Snake: Saladin? ...You mean Big Boss? ("Metal Gear Solid")] In "Metal Gear Solid" she fights Snake twice, the first time results in Meryl being captured, and Snake being tortured, [Wolf: Didn't you know that two thirds of the world's greatest assassins are women? Do you want to die now? Or after your female friend? Which will it be?] in the second battle she is killed. She is referenced in MGS4 by Otacon as a wolf comes to carry away a defeated Crying Wolf implying that the wolf represents her spirit.

The initial game plan for "" reveals that Sniper Wolf was to make a voice only cameo via the Cyborg Ninja featured in that game. The situation was that when Otacon would interact with the Ninja, she would respond in Wolf's voice, however this idea was later dropped.citeweb|author = Hideo Kojima|url=|archiveurl=|archivedate=2007-01-27|title = MGS2 translated original game plan|accessdate=November 28|accessyear=2006] Despite this she appears in a flashback when Otacon is reminiscing over why he always survives when people he loves die. The huskies she cared for are heard in the background of this flashback the same way they are heard before all the fights with Sniper Wolf (They are also heard after she is defeated by Solid Snake) The flashback uses actual footage from the first game.cite video| people = Hideo Kojima| title =Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty| medium = Playstation 2| publisher = Konami | location = New Zealand | date = 2002]

According to an IGN interview with Yoji Shinkawa, Sniper Wolf was originally intended to be a man, but when Shinkawa suggested to game creator Hideo Kojima that Wolf be a young lady Kojima thought it to be a much better idea.cite web | last = Williamson |first =Colin| title = IGN Yoji Shinkwa interview|date = 12 December 2000| url =| accessdate=2006-09-17] A subsequent interview with Shinkawa revealed that the Sniper Wolf character is still popular amongst the staff at Konami. [citeweb|url=|archiveurl=|archivedate=2007-01-02|title= Yoji Shinkawa interview|accessdate=2006-11-16] Another example of her popularity was that during an online critics poll, she was named the "12th greatest video game boss of all time", amongst her FOXHOUND peers. [citeweb|author = The Phoenix staff|url=|title = The Phoenix’s 20 Greatest Bosses in Video game History|accessdate= 28 November|accessyear = 2006]

Psycho Mantis

Psycho Mantis (voiced by Doug Stone and Kazuyuki Sogabe) is a psychic expert for the FOXHOUND unit. Prior to joining FOXHOUND, he worked with the KGB and the FBI. His special abilities include the psychic powers of psychokinesis and telepathy. He also claims to be able to read the future, but this is implied to be a use of telepathy to find out what his opponents will do next as opposed to true clairvoyance. In "Metal Gear Solid" Mantis encounters Snake twice, the first time he takes control of Meryl's mind, the second encounter he and Snake do battle, with Mantis being defeated. [Liquid: Perhaps there's a spy among us... Mantis is dead. We've also got to find out what killed Baker and Octopus.]

When Solid Snake faces Mantis, Mantis demonstrates his psychic powers by breaking the fourth wall. In the pre-battle cut-scene, he reads the player's memory card and comments on how often you saved the game and your preference on certain other games. In the original PlayStation game, he reads off the titles of Konami's other games (', "Suikoden", among others), while in the remake "Twin Snakes", he reads Nintendo's games ("Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Sunshine, ," and ', among others). [citeweb|author = IGN staff|url =|title = IGN Psycho Mantis Talks Nintendo|accessdate= 1 December|accessyear= 2006] He then demonstrates his psychokinesis by activating the controller's rumble feature. Then, at the beginning of the actual battle, Mantis causes the screen to go completely black except for the words "HIDEO" in green all capital text in the top right corner of the screen, much like TV or VCR on-screen-displays, in an attempt to throw the player off. [citeweb|author = Gamespot staff|url =|title = Gamespot Metal Gear Solid cheats|accessdate = 1 December|accessyear = 2006] Psycho Mantis was named the "Second greatest boss" by Electronic Gaming Monthly in their 200th issue. [citeweb|url=|archiveurl=|archivedate=2007-04-03|title= EGM's top 10 Bosses via Find Articles|accessdate = 27 November|accessyear= 2006] He reappears in "Metal Gear Solid 4" as a ghost during the fifth act and performs similar fourth wall breaking acts.

Vulcan Raven

Vulcan Raven (voiced by Peter Lurie and Yukitoshi Hori) is the Inuit member of FOXHOUND who wields a giant Vulcan cannon and has shamanic powers of intuition. [Campbell: Vulcan Raven, giant and shaman ("Metal Gear Solid")] Raven was also an employee at Big Boss's fortified nation of Outer Heaven prior to his involvement at FOXHOUND. [Naomi: From there he joined those rent-a-war bastards at Outer Heaven inc. ("Metal Gear Solid")] In "Metal Gear Solid" he does battle with Snake twice, the first battle with Raven in an M1 Abrams tank, [Snake: You were the one in the M1 tank? Must have been a tight fit for a big boy like you ("Metal Gear Solid")] the second in a freezer with Raven being killed. During his death scene he gives info on the real identity of the DARPA Chief.Raven : You are a snake which was not created by Nature. You and the Boss... you are from another world... a world that I do not wish to know. Go and do battle with him. I will be watching from above. First, I'll give you a hint... The man who you saw die before your eyes... that was not the DARPA Chief. It was Decoy Octopus. A member of FOX-HOUND. He was a master of disguise. He copied his subjects down to the blood. So he drained the Chief's blood and took it into himself. But he wasn't able to deceive the Angel of Death ("Metal Gear Solid")]

In "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty", the player can find an action figure of Raven in the as Snake. Shooting the figure causes it to fire what looks to be plastic pellets from the minigun. The same figure can also be seen floating in the water during the section in the Plant Chapter where Raiden goes to the flooded section of the Shell 2 Core to rescue Emma Emmerich. [cite web|publisher=GameFAQs|url=|title=GameFAQs Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Cheats|accessdate=26 November|accessyear=2006]

Decoy Octopus

Decoy Octopus is a member of FOXHOUND, and, with the rest of his unit, went rogue during the Shadow Moses island incident. Octopus specialises in impersonation. In "Metal Gear Solid" he impersonates the DARPA Chief after Ocelot killed him,Ocelot:Nobody knows who I really am. Yes, the DARPA Chief knew my identity, but he's been disposed of. ("Metal Gear Solid")] and is killed by the FoxDie virus.Liquid: The Pentagon only needed for you to come into contact with us. That's what killed the ArmsTech president and Decoy Octopus. ("Metal Gear Solid")] He is the only member of FOXHOUND whom Snake does not fight.

Supporting characters

Roy Campbell

Roy Campbell (voiced by Paul Eiding and Takeshi Aono) appears in "Metal Gear Solid" as Snake's commanding officer and former commander of FOXHOUND, [Campbell: Hi-Tech special forces unit FOX-HOUND. Your former unit, and one that I was a commander of. An elite group combining firepower and expertise. They're every bit as good as when I was commanding them. ("Metal Gear Solid")] he comes out of retirement to command Solid Snake once again. Campbell has more of a personal stake in the mission, as Meryl is held captive by FOXHOUND. [Campbell: Okay Snake. Sorry. I'll be frank. A person very dear to me is being held hostage. // Snake: Who is it? // Campbell: My niece. Meryl ("Metal Gear Solid")] While Campbell is initially forced to keep a number of secrets from Snake, he gradually reveals more and more of them as the story continues, [Campbell: Really? Thanks... Thank you, Snake. Snake, I'm sorry I... I kept a lot of things from you. ("Metal Gear Solid")] until, finally, Campbell is briefly arrested. However, he is exonerated after Solid Snake defeats Liquid Snake. [Campbell: The orders were rescinded. The F117s and the B2 Spirits have returned to the base. Once again, I have complete authority over this operation. ("Metal Gear Solid")]

Master Miller

Master Miller (voiced by Cam Clarke and Banjo Ginga) appears in "Metal Gear Solid" as one of Snake's support via Codec. [cite book|title = Metal Gear Solid game manual| publisher = Konami| date = 1998| location = New Zealand| pages = 41] It is revealed however that the real Master Miller (featured in "Metal Gear 2") was killed and that it is really Liquid Snake posing as Miller.Campbell: Master Miller's body was just discovered at his home. He's been dead for at least three days I didn't know because my Codec link with Master was cut off. But Mei Ling said his transmission signal was coming from inside the base! // Snake: So who is it? // Campbell: Snake you've been talking to... // Liquid: ...Me... dear brother ("Metal Gear Solid")]

Mei Ling

Mei Ling (voiced by Kim Mai Guest and Houko Kuwashima) is the data analyst in charge of saving the player's mission data in "Metal Gear Solid". [Mei Ling: I'm also in charge of your mission data. Contact me if you want me to record your current status. My frequency is 140.96. It's a dedicated frequency for saving data. Don't forget it ("Metal Gear Solid")] She is the one who invented Snake's wireless communication equipment, the Codec, as well the Soliton Radar, which detects the positions and field of vision of nearby enemy soldiers. [Campbell: Oh sorry, I haven't introduced you two yet. This is Mei Ling. She was assigned to us as our visual and data processing specialist. She designed your codec, as well as your Soliton radar system. Contact her if you have any questions about either of them ("Metal Gear Solid")] Every time Snake saves his data, Mei Ling provides him with advice through Chinese proverbs (as well as quotations from Western authors).

Naomi Hunter

Naomi Hunter (voiced by Jennifer Hale and Hiromi Tsuru) is the head of FOXHOUND's medical staff, and part of the support crew assembled to assist Solid Snake during the Shadow Moses Island incident (the events of "Metal Gear Solid") in 2005. [Campbell: Dr. Naomi Hunter. She's chief of FOX-HOUND's medical staff and an expert in gene therapy. ("Metal Gear Solid")] It is revealed however that she is secretly Gray Fox's non-biological sister, [Naomi: Yes. Frank Jaeger, the man who you destroyed, was my brother and my only family. // Snake: Gray Fox? ("Metal Gear Solid")] and she is out for revenge on Snake. [Snake: To kill me? Is that all you cared about? // Naomi: Yes. That's right. Two years. You were all I thought about for two long some kind of twisted obsession... ("Metal Gear Solid")] She injects Snake with the FoxDie virus, but she set it to a "wildcard" value, sparing Snake's life during the mission, but leaving him vulnerable at a later date. [Snake: Naomi, Liquid died from Fox Die too. What about me? When am I gonna go? // Naomi: That's up to you. // Snake: What do you mean? // Naomi: Everybody dies when their time's up... // Snake: Yeah, so when's mine up? // Naomi: It's up to you how you use the time left to you. Live, Snake. That's all I can say to you. ("Metal Gear Solid")] She too was going to make a voice only cameo via the Cyborg Ninja in "Metal Gear Solid 2" when conversing with Snake.

Nastasha Romanenko

Nastasha Romanenko (voiced by Renee Raudman and Eiko Yamada) is Solid Snake's codec contact on matters related to nuclear weapons. [Campbell: Of course. A nuclear weapons specialist has already been assigned to us. // Snake : We need backup from a specialist. I'm just an amateur when it comes to nuclear weapons. // Campbell : I know. That's why I've requested the assistance of a military analyst named Nastasha Romanenko. She'll be providing you backup by Codec. ("Metal Gear Solid")] She was born in Ukraine and was just ten years old when the Chernobyl Accident took place. She saw many people, including her parents succumb to the effects of radiation. It is revealed in "Metal Gear Solid 2" that she was brought into the mission by Richard Ames, her ex-husband. After the events of "Metal Gear Solid", her character writes an autobiography titled "In the Darkness of Shadow Moses: The Unofficial Truth" and then forms "Philanthropy" (an anti-proliferation group featured prominently in "") with the profits she made. This fictional publication serves as a plot summary of "Metal Gear Solid" (and reveals previously undisclosed plot details about the events of the games), and is included as a bonus feature in "Metal Gear Solid 2", and she herself is credited as writing it in the game credits, rather than the real life writer, Tomokazu Fukushima, the co-writer of the "Metal Gear Solid" series.

While Nastasha herself does not make an appearance in , she is referenced as having given Otacon information regarding the Dwarf Gekko robots that Snake confronts in the later half of the game.

Other characters

Donald Anderson

Donald Anderson (voiced by Greg Eagles and Masaharu Sato) is the office chief of DARPA taken hostage by FOXHOUND. As an advocate of the nuclear retaliation theory, he funds the Metal Gear REX project with ArmsTech as part of the US' black budget. He is tortured to death by Revolver Ocelot, and later impersonated by Decoy Octopus.

Kenneth Baker

Kenneth Baker (v.b Allan Lurie and Yuzuru Fujimoto) is the president of ArmsTech, one of the leading manufacturers of the arms industry and taken prisoner by FOXHOUND. In "Metal Gear Solid" he is tortured by Revolver Ocelot, then rescued by Snake. However he is killed by the FoxDie virus.

Jim Houseman

Jim Houseman (voiced by William Basset and Tomohisa Aso) is the United States Secretary of Defense and serves as the mission controller during the Shadow Moses Island incident via AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System: a radar-based electronic system designed to carry out airborne surveillance).cite book|title = Metal Gear Solid game manual| publisher = Konami| date = 1998| location = New Zealand| pages = 42] He makes only one appearance at the end of "Metal Gear Solid", via CODEC, where he orders the Shadow Moses base to be bombed. [Houseman: I see. Oh well that's okay... You two are an embarrassment from the 1970s. ...our country's dirty little secret. You can’t be allowed to live. Well, the bombs will be dropping soon, and you two have a lot of catching up to do. Farewell. ("Metal Gear Solid")] According to "In the Darkness of Shadow Moses", Houseman commits suicide following the events of "Metal Gear Solid", however Nastasha suggests he was murdered.

Big Boss

Big Boss was the main antagonist of the "Metal Gear" series prior to "Metal Gear Solid". He appeared in "Metal Gear" as FOXHOUND's commanding officer and sends Solid Snake into Outer Heaven, a fortified nation in South Africa, to destroy Metal Gear TX-55. It is revealed that Big Boss was actually Outer Heaven's leader and he ambushes Snake at the end of the game. [cite video game|title= Metal Gear|developer= Hideo Kojima|publisher= Konami|date= 2005|platform= Playstation 2|language= English] He reappears in "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake" as leader of Zanzibar Land, another fortified militant state. In this mission he is killed by Solid Snake. [cite video game|title= Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake|developer= Hideo Kojima|publisher= Konami|date= 2005|platform= Playstation 2|language= English] His legacy plays a significant role in "Metal Gear Solid" as he is used as the subject for a cloning programme in which it is revealed that Solid and Liquid Snake were born from; [Liquid: Yes, twins, but we're not ordinary twins... we're twins linked by cursed genes. Les enfants terribles. You're fine. You got all the old man's dominant genes. I got all the flawed, recessive genes. Everything was done so that you would be the greatest of his children. The only reason I exist is so they could create you. // Snake: I was the favorite, huh. // Liquid: That's right! I'm just the leftovers of what they used to make you. Can you understand what it's like to know that you're genetic garbage since the day you were born!? But...I'm the one father chose. // Snake: ...So that's why you're so obsessed with Big Boss. Some warped kind of love. // Liquid: Love!? It's hate!! He always told me I was inferior and now I'll have my revenge!! You should understand me, brother. You killed our father with your own hands! You stole my chance for revenge! Now I'll finish the work that father began. I will surpass him... I will destroy him! ("Metal Gear Solid")] and his remains, that were preserved by the military, are part of FOXHOUND's ransom demands. [Campbell: They are demanding the government turn over the remains of Big Boss ("Metal Gear Solid")]


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