Andouillette (pronounced Ondwiyet) is a classic French culinary specialty composed of intestines originally stuffed with pork or veal. In major restaurants, Andouillettes can be served either hot or cold. The taste is acquired, as is all offal, but can be compared to strong pork sausages. The texture is somewhat rougher than sausages, as the content is roughly cut.

Primarily pan-fried, it can also be barbecued or grilled. It is often served with vegetables in a mustard or red wine sauce. Andouillette has no strong odor, despite popular misconceptions of it smelling like a plate of pig feces. When boiled some people say that they really smell of a farm yard with a strong earthy aroma. It is best served with either dry white wine, brut champagne or Pinot noir.

Its popularity has remained constant over the last few centuries and from the seventies has been the center of a fan club who award restaurants standards for the quality of their Andouillettes.

Andouillette is often described on French menus as AAAAA - this acronym is the Association Amicale des Amateurs d'Andouillette Authentiques [ ['Andouillettes-Authentiques-(used-to-qualify-an-andouillette%2c-French-cooked-pork-meat)-(AAAAA).html Acronym, definition of AAAAA] ] , roughly translated as the Friendly Association of Authentic Andouillette Amatuers.

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