Taboo (1999 film)

Taboo (1999 film)

name = Taboo

director = Nagisa Ōshima
producer = Masayuki Motomochi
writer = Nagisa Ōshima
Ryotaro Shiba
starring = Ryuhei Matsuda
Takeshi Kitano
Tadanobu Asano
music = Ryuichi Sakamoto
cinematography = Toyomichi Kurita
editing = Tomoyo Oshima
distributor = Shochiku Films Ltd.
New Yorker Films (USA)
released = flagicon|JapanDecember 18, 1999
flagicon|FranceMay 17, 2000
runtime = 100 minutes
country = flagcountry|Japan
language = Japanese
amg_id = 1:201749
imdb_id = 0213682
nihongo|"Taboo"|御法度|Gohatto (1999) is a Japanese film directed by Nagisa Ōshima. It shows life in a samurai training school during the "bakumatsu" period, the end of the samurai era in the mid-19th century, specifically concentrating on the issue of homosexuality in the shudō tradition in the partially-closed environment.

Plot summary

At the start of the movie, the young and handsome Sozaburo Kano is admitted to the Shinsengumi (新撰組), an elite samurai police group led by Isami Kondo that seeks to defend the shogunate against reformist forces. He is a very skilled swordsman, but it is his appearance that makes many of the others in the (strictly male) group, both students and superiors, attracted to him, creating tension within the group of people vying for Kano's attention.


*Takeshi Kitano - Vice-Commander Hijikata Toshizo
*Ryuhei Matsuda - Kano Sozaburo
*Shinji Takeda - Captain Okita Sōji
*Tadanobu Asano - Hyozo Tashiro
*Yoichi Sai - Commander Kondo Isami
*Koji Matoba - Sugano Heibei
*Masa Tomizu - Inspector Yamazaki Susumu
*Masato Ibu - Military Advisor Ito Koshitaro


*It was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, "Dancer in the Dark" won.
*It won four awards at the 2000 Blue Ribbon Awards:
**Best Director: Nagisa Ōshima
**Best Film: Nagisa Ōshima
**Best New Actor: Ryuhei Matsuda
**Best Supporting Actor: Shinji Takeda
*Ryuhei Matsuda won the 2000 Japan Academy Prize for Newcomer of the Year, the film was nominated in nine other categories.
*Tadanobu Asano won the Best Supporting Actor category at the 2000 Hochi Film Awards.
*Ryuhei Matsuda won the Best New Actor category of the 2001 Kinema Junpo Awards.
*Ryuhei Matsuda won the 2001 Yokohama Film Festival prize for Best New Talent.

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*imdb title|0213682|Gohatto
*cite web |url=|title=御法度 ("Gohatto")|accessdate=2007-07-19|language=Japanese|publisher=Japanese Movie Database



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