Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Rose Valley, Bulgaria

The Rose Valley ( _bg. Розова долина, "Rozova dolina") is a region in Bulgaria located just south of the Balkan Mountains, between them and the eastern part of the lower Sredna Gora chain to the south. Geologically, it consists of two river valleys, those of the Stryama to the west and the Tundzha to the east.

The valley is famous for its rose growing industry which have been cultivated here for centuries, and which produces 85% of the world's rose oilFact|date=April 2008. The extracts are used by perfumeries all over the world.The centre of the rose oil industry is Kazanlak, while other towns of importance include Karlovo, Sopot and Kalofer. Each year, festivals are held celebrating roses and rose oil.

The picking season lasts from May to June. During this period, the area gives off a pleasant scent and is covered with multi-coloured flowers. The gathering process, traditionally a woman's task, requires great dexterity and patience. The flowers are carefully cut one by one and laid in willow-baskets which are then sent to the distilleries


Rose Valley Glacier on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after the Rose Valley.

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