Phantom can refer to any of the following.


*A ghost or other apparition
* Phantom kangaroo, a type of legendary creature


*Phantom power, a method for supplying current to devices over signaling cables
* A device or test pattern that simulates the human body or part of the human body and is used to calibrate a detector that measures radiation emanating from within (e.g. the BOMAB phantom) or absorbed by (e.g. Shepp-Logan phantom) the body. See Computed Tomography.


*The Phantom Regiment, the British Army's Secret Intelligence and Communication Regiment of World War II
*FH Phantom and F-4 Phantom II, two McDonnell Douglas military jet aircraft developed for the United States Navy

Trademarks and Product Names

In transportation:
*Rolls-Royce Phantom, a line of luxury automobiles
*Gillig Phantom, a high-floor transit bus
*FH Phantom and F-4 Phantom II, two McDonnell Douglas military jet fighter aircraft developed for the United States Navy

In gaming:
*CCI Phantom (or "The Phantom"), a paintball marker developed and marketed by Mike Casedy and his company CCI
*The Phantom (game system), a canceled video game console which never reached production

* BASF markets the pesticide chlorfenapyr under the registered trademark Phantom

Popular culture

In literature & theatre:
*"The Phantom of the Opera", a 1910 novel by Gaston Leroux, adapted many times for stage and film
*see also "The Phantom of the Opera" (adaptations) (a disambiguating list)
*"Phantom" (novel) by Susan Kay is a more recent retelling of "The Phantom of the Opera"
*"The Phantom", a comic strip/book hero created by Lee Falk
*"Phantom" (musical), a 1991 musical stage play by Arthur Kopit and Maury Yeston
*"Phantom (Sword of Truth)", the 10th novel in Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series
*"Danny Phantom", a Nickelodeon cartoon about a boy named Danny Fenton, who fights evil ghosts as a superhero named Danny Phantom "aka" Ghost Boy
*an inhabitant of the Phantom Zone, a fictional dimension in "Superman" comic books and related media
*"Ectoplasmic Phantom", monster #61 in the "Monster in My Pocket" toy and book franchise
* "Phantom (manhwa)", a manga published by TokyoPop
* The "Phantom Stranger" is a fictional character who battles mysterious and occult forces in various titles published by DC Comics, sometimes under their Vertigo imprint.
* Phantoms (novel), a thriller/mystery novel by Dean Koontz.

In film:
*"The Phantom" (1943 serial), a Saturday matinee movie serial based on Lee Falk's comic strip hero The Phantom
*"Phantom" (1922 film), a dramatic silent film directed by F. W. Murnau
*"The Phantom" (film), 1996 film, based on Lee Falk's character The Phantom
*"Phantoms" (1998 film), a thriller/mystery film adapted from the Dean Koontz novel
*"Phantom" (2001 film), a short art film
*"Phantom" (2002 film), an Indian film
*"O Fantasma" (English: "The Phantom"), a 2000 Portuguese dramatic film
*"Yuryeong" (English: "Phantom"), a 1999 Korean action thriller
*"", a 1999 science fantasy film written and directed by George Lucas
**"The Phantom Edit", a fan edit of the movie "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace"
* Sir Charles Lytton aka The Phantom, a character from the original Pink Panther

In television:
*, an episode of the series "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"
*"Phantom 2040", 1994–1996 animated television series based on a descendant of The Phantom comic character created by Lee Falk
*Phantom (horse), Zorro's white stallion in the 1950s television series
*"Phantom Gourmet", a popular New England food critic and television program
*Phantom Ranger, a character in the "Power Rangers" (television series) universe
*Phantom (MÄR), a main character in the popular manga and anime series MÄR
*Phantom of Inferno, an anime and video game.

In music:
*The Phantom (musician) ("aka" Jerry Lott, 1938–1983), a rockabilly singer known for the hit single "Love Me"
*"Phantoms (album)", a 2005 music album by Acceptance
*Phantom FM, an alternative rock radio station broadcasting from Dublin, Ireland
*"Phantom Phorce", a 2003 Super Furry Animals album
*Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps, a drum and bugle corps based out of Rockford, Illinois, United States
* Phantom Records, a record label
* Vox Phantom, an electric guitar model
* Phantom (song) and Phantom Pt. II are tracks on Justice's debut album,

In video games:
*Phantom, a spider-like boss of the "Devil May Cry" video game series
*Phantom (Mega Man Zero), a character in the "Mega Man Zero" video game series
*, a video game for the Nintendo DS console
*Phantom Ganon, a character in the "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" video game
*TIE Phantom, a fictional prototype TIE fighter, from the "Star Wars" Expanded Universe
*Covenant Phantom, alien dropship in Halo 2 and Halo 3
*The Phantom, Infinium Labs' never-released video game console intended to be used without cartridges or discs

In other areas:
*The Phantom (horse), a former New Zealand-trained race horse who competed in Australian events in 1990's
*Phantom Killer, an unidentified serial killer believed to have killed five people in Texarkana in 1946
*The Phantom (criminal), a woman whose DNA was found at 32 crime scenes in Europe for more than 15 years, including six murders.

Jae Phantom-Musician. Frontman of Ritual Daze, Wicked Saint, and Grim Fate. Drummer for Black Mass ho-Down


*Phantom limb, the sensation that a missing limb is still attached to the body and functioning normally
*Phantom quartz, a type of quartz that appears to have 'phantom' crystals inside of crystals, formed as a result of interrupted crystal growth
*Phantom,alias given to Col.Salvador A. Rodolfo, Sr., Liberator of Catanduanes during World War 2 in Catanduanes, Philippines.
*Phantom Stock

ee also

* Phantasm
* Phantasmagoria

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