Lands of Lore series

Lands of Lore series

"Lands of Lore" or "LoL" is a classical computer role-playing game series by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Interactive. "Lands of Lore" follows the tradition of "Dungeon Master", but introduced a linear scenario-based storyline, rather than characters and feats.


Westwood Studios made role playing games (RPGs) for years, most famously "Eye of the Beholder" 1 and 2. When SSI planned to make a third one, Westwood chose to make their own RPG without the restrictions from the D&D rule set. Their efforts yielded "Lands of Lore". Originally planned as a series of eight titles, the series ultimately spawned three.


The storyline of the games takes place in a fantasy realm known and referred to simply as "The Lands". The main realm of the Lands is Gladstone, where the civilized and "good" races are based.

The history of the Lands is divided into six periods.
*The first is "The Unknown Beginning" when the Lands were created.
*Then came "The Golden Age" when the Ancients roamed the Lands. There were no wars.
*Then followed "The War of the Heretics". The Ancients fell and the Dark Army rose for the first time. The Ancients became a myth. In the era after the disappearance of the Ancients, a group of predatory Ruloi established a stronghold in the Claw Mountains. They were able to accumulate much of the ancient magic that had been left behind in the lands.
*"The Dark Times" was the fourth period- a period of darkness. Small states appeared with every race.
*After that followed "The Racial Wars". A lot of small wars not relating to each other. Some races were wiped out and the ultimate result was that the four races (Humans, Huline, Dracoids, and Thomgog) established domination over the Lands.
*The present period is called "Rise of the Dark Army".

In "Guardians of Destiny", a brief reference is made to the Kyragem of "Legend of Kyrandia", while "Legend of Kyrandia Book Two" has an easter egg where letters written by Scotia, hinting at the possibility that both Westwood Studios fantasy games take place in the same continuity.

Races of the Lands of Lore

*The Ancients: In the beginning, there were immortal Ancients who lived apart from the world. Their powers were vast, yet they did not mettle in the business of mortals.

*Humans: Humans are the most common race in the Lands.

*Thomgogs: Thomgogs are four-armed humanoids with a brown, toad-like skin who posess an unique reincarnation ability: when a Thomgog dies, his "soul" becomes a "seed", which can strike roots in fertile soil and grow into a young Thomgog.

*Hulines: They are a humanoid cat-like race. There are, technically, two sects of Huline. One group evolved and are now living a very quiet and peaceful life in a village in the Huline Jungle, while the so named "Wild Ones" now inhabit the Savage Jungle, formally the home of the Dracoid nation. The Wild Ones claim to follow the "old ways" which the newer race of Huline seem to have dropped. Below, a picture of the Huline women of the Huline Jungle. The Huline specialize in hand-to-hand (or at least physical) combat.

*Dracoids: Thousands of years ago the Dracoid inhabited a large area of the Southern Continent. They had a great kingdom and were the most advanced race in technology and science; it's capital was called Tsar'Ille, but now it is only known as the Dracoid Ruins. The Dracoid themselves are now nothing more than hermits and menial laborers. They are common in cities like Yvel, Gladstone and Cimmeria, but not well liked since their war with the Huline brought them to an end as a nation. They are blamed for the war- in a small way, rightfully- and now are hated wherever they go. The holy symbol of the Dracoid nation is the Silverleaf. The Dracoid are also very powerful magic users.

Less common races

*Ghorka: Ghorka are frog-like humanoids who usually live in swamps. They are good warriors, even if they don't look that way. Their traditional weapons, the tridents, are manufactured in forges fueled by swamp gas.

*Orks: The Orks in the Lands have brown skin and two large tusks. Due to their bearing, they are only a little higher than humans, but at least twice as broad. They have bad reputation since they made up a large part of the Dark Army, but some of them are able live peacefully in Gladstone.


*"Lands of Lore III"

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