Bethlehem (disambiguation)

Bethlehem (disambiguation)

The original settlement of Bethlehem in Judea stands in the West Bank area of Palestine.

Bethlehem may also refer to:
* Bethlehem Governorate
* Bethlehem of Galilee

In other places:
* Bethlehem, Netherlands
* Bethlehem, New Zealand, an area within the city of Tauranga
* Bethlehem, Free State, South Africa
* Bethlehem, Carmarthenshire, West Wales, United Kingdom
* Bethlehem, a quarter in the Bümpliz-Oberbottigen district of Berne, Switzerland
* In the United States of America:
** Bethlehem, Connecticut
** Bethlehem, Florida
** Bethlehem, Georgia
** Bethlehem, Indiana
** Bethlehem, Kentucky
** Bethlehem, New Hampshire
** Bethlehem, New York
** Bethlehem, North Carolina
** Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
** Bethlehem, West Virginia

* Bethlehem (German band), a German black metal/dark metal band
* Bethlehem (Jesus music), a Jesus-music band
* Bethlehem (opera) is a 1915 choral drama based on the Nativity by composer Rutland Boughton
* Bethlehem Steel Corporation, an American steel-producer
* Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, a Pennsylvanian diocese
* Bethlehem Records, a jazz record label
* Bethlehem Chapel, a chapel in Prague
* The Bethlehem meteorite of 1859, which landed in New York, United States; see Meteorite falls

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