1st Brigade (Australia)

1st Brigade (Australia)

1 Brigade is a formation of the Australian Army intended as its primary mechanised unit. The Brigade is based at Robertson Barracks in Darwin and forms part of 1st Division/Deployable Joint Force Headquarters.

The 1st Brigade contains a significant proportion of the Army's regular units:

*HQ 1 Brigade
*1st Armoured Regiment (Main Battle Tank)
*2nd Cavalry Regiment (Armoured Reconnaissance)
*5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (Mechanized infantry)
*7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (Mechanized infantry)
*8th/12th Medium Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery
*1st Combat Engineer Regiment
*1st Combat Signal Regiment
*1st Combat Service Support Battalion
*161 Reconnaissance Squadron (Aviation)

The brigade is capable of operating three battlegroups, one formed around 1st Armoured Regiment (armour-heavy) and the other two around 5 RAR and 7 RAR (Mechanised Infantry).

As part of the [http://www.defence.gov.au/army/hna/ Hardened and Networked Army] initiative the 5th/7th Battalion was de-linked to form two mechanised battalions. The 5th Battalion will remain in the Northern Territory, while the 7th Battalion will be located in Adelaide, where the Adelaide-Darwin Railway can be used to transport heavy vehicles and equipment north.

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