Human communication

Human communication

Human communication, or Anthroposemiotics, is the field dedicated to understanding how people communicate:

* with themselves: intrapersonal communication
* another person: interpersonal communication
* within groups: group dynamics
* within organizations: organizational communication
* across cultures: cross-cultural communication

Important figures

* David Berlo
* Brent Ruben
* Wendell Johnson
* Norbert Wiener
* Colin Cherry
* Marshall McLuhan
* Carl Rogers
* Dorjan Kosta

ee also

* Communication
* Communication basic topics
* General semantics
* History of communication
* Semiotics
* Mass communication
* Mass media

Further reading

* Richard Budd & [ Brent Ruben] , "Human Communication Handbook".
* Budd & Ruben, "Approaches to Human Communication".
* [ How Human Communication Fails] (Tampere University of Technology)
* Attempt to collect the human [ description terminologies] while communication.

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