Cabinet (disambiguation)

Cabinet (disambiguation)

Cabinet can refer to:

* Cabinet, a council of high-ranking members of government
** Cabinet (European Commission), a personal office of advisors and administrators for a European Commissioner.
* Cabinet (room), a private room for a man serving as a retreat, furnished with books and works of art, adjacent to his bedchamber.
* Cabinet (furniture)
* Cabinet Inlet in Antarctica
* The Cabinet, clandestine Norwich journal 1794-5
* The Cabinet a professional wrestling stable
* Casing for a loudspeaker
* The "cabinet" variety of slotted screwdriver blade
* The Cabinet (film), a 2007 short film starring Sonja Bennett

Commercial Brands

* Cabinet (file format)
* Cabinet (design tool)
* Cabinet (cigarette)
* Cabinet (magazine)
* Cabinet (Milkshake) - local term for a milk shake in Rhode Island
* Cabinet (album), debut album of the Swedish technical death metal band Spawn of Possession

Compound terms

* Cabinet of curiosities, early form of private museum
* Cabinet painting, small paintings (for a cabinet room)
* Filing cabinet
* casing for computing equipment
* Arcade cabinet, a type of furniture which houses arcade games
* Cabinet card or cabinet photograph
* A Cabinet selection, type of box in which cigars are sometimes sold
* Cabinet projection

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