Panarchism is a political philosophy emphasizing each individual's right to freely join and leave the jurisdiction of any governments they choose, without being forced to move from their current locale. The word "panarchy" was invented and the concept proposed by a Belgian political economist, Paul Émile de Puydt in an article published in 1860.P. E. de Puydt, " [ Panarchy] ", first published in French in the "Revue Trimestrielle", Bruxelles, July 1860.] However, the word "panarch"y" has since taken on additional, separate meanings, with the word "panarch"ism" referring to the original definition by de Puydt.

Two similar ideas are "Functional Overlapping Competing Jurisdictions" (FOCJ) advocated by Swiss economists Bruno Frey and Reiner Eichenberger and “multigovernment” advocated by Le Grande Day and others. [Le Grand E. Day, [ The Theory of Multigovernment] , 1969-1977.] Such governance systems also have been described as "extra-territorial" or "exterritorial."

Panarchism has been espoused by socialistFact|date=September 2008, anarchist and libertarian-leaning individuals, including those promoting secession from existing states and those advocating creation of new micronations on ships or artificial islands (seasteading). Max Nettlau in the early 1900s and John Zube in the latter part of the century wrote extensively on the concept in articles found on [ Panarchy.Org] .

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*Anarchist law
*Polycentric law
*Jurisdictional arbitrage


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* [] - original usage of the word "panarchy"
* [] - the full philosophy (oldest site, "The Exterritorial Imperative")
* [ "Some Notes For A Talk On Panarchism to Anarchists"] by John Zube

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