Dynamic recrystallization

Dynamic recrystallization

Dynamic recrystallization (DRX) is a type of recrystallization process, found within the field of metallurgy. In dynamic recrystallization, as opposed to static recrystallization, the nucleation and growth of new grains occurs during deformation rather than afterwards as part of a separate heat treatment.

In a stress-strain curve, the onset of dynamic recrystallization can be recognized by a distinct peak in the flow stress in hot working data, due to the softening effect of recrystallization. However, not all materials display well-defined peaks when tested under hot working conditions. The onset of DRX can also be detected from inflection point in plots of the strain hardening rate against stress. It has been shown that this technique can be used to establish the occurrence of DRX when this cannot be determined unambiguously from the shape of the flow curve.

If stress oscillations appear before reaching the steady state, then several recrystallization and grain growth cycles occur and the stress behavior is said to be of the cyclic or multiple peak type. The particular stress behavior before reaching the steady state depends on the initial grain size, temperature, and strain rate.

DRX can occur in various forms, including:

Some authors have used the term 'postdynamic' or 'metadynamic' to describe recrystallization that occurs during the cooling phase of a hot-working process or between successive passes. This emphasises the fact that the recrystallization is directly linked to the process in question, while acknowledging that there is no concurrent deformation.


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