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Andy McAvin

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birth_place = Denver, Colorado
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as Mr. Kimura
"Full Metal Panic!"
as Richard Mardukas
"Le Chevalier D'Eon"
as The Duke of Broglie
"Nerima Daikon Brothers"
as Prime Minister Oizumi
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Andrew Mark "Andy" McAvin (born January 4, 1952 in Denver, Colorado) is an American actor and voice over actor with nearly 80 credits to his resume.

One of his most prominent roles was the genocidal villain Brian J. Mason in "Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040", the voice type of which is referred to by cast and crew-mates as the "slime that walks like a man" voice. He also did voice work for the ' spin off and for '.

Anime and Animation Roles

*Angelic Layer as Ichiro "Icchan" Mihara
*Area 88 as McCoy
*Azumanga Daioh as Kimura
*BASToF Syndrome as Mayor Hadim
* as Brian J. Mason
*Chrono Crusade as Aion
*Cromartie High School as Akira Maeda
*Crying Freeman as Nicolaiv (ADV Dub)
*D.N.Angel as Kosuke Niwa
*E's Otherwise as Ghibelline
*Elfen Lied as Director Kakuzawa
*Full Metal Panic! Series as Richard Mardukas
*Gatchaman as Dr. Kozaburo Nambu
*Gilgamesh as The Manager
*Lady Death as Pagan
*Le Chevalier D'Eon as The Duke of Broglie
*Madlax as Eric Gillian
*Master of Mosquiton as Count Sangermaine
*Megazone 23 as BD
*Mezzo as Kenichi Kurokawa
*My Beautiful Girl Mari as Beard Man
*Najica Blitz Tactics as Gento Kuraku
*Nerima Daikon Brothers as Prime Minister Oizumi
*Pani Poni Dash! as Old Geezer
*Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat as Deji Devil
*RahXephon as Johji Futagami
* as Go Dougan
* as Vincenzo Manchini
*Slayers Great as Huey
*Spriggan as Jean Jacques Mondo
*Steel Angel Kurumi as Dr. Walski
*Steel Angel Kurumi Encore as Dr. Walski; Studio Head
*The Place Promised in Our Early Days as Tomizawa
*The Super Dimension Fortress Macross as Exedol Folmo
*Utawarerumono as Chikinaro
* as Margulis

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