Inertia (disambiguation)

Inertia (disambiguation)

Inertia is the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force.Inertia can also refer to:


* Moment of inertia, also known as Rotational Inertia, is the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform rotation unless acted upon by an external torque. This is the rotational physics equivalent of the inertia in linear physics.
* Inertia as used in automatic control refers to a property of dynamic systems, causing time delays.
* Thermal inertia, a term commonly used by engineers modelling heat transfers when referring to the volumetric heat capacity.
* Social inertia - description of a person's resistance to change in psychology and sociology.
* The tendency of an economy to continue moving in a fixed direction until a sufficient force acts to change that direction.
* One of the possible causes of Diseconomy of scale
* Inertia of a matrix is defined as the number of positive, negative and zero eigenvalues
* Sleep inertia - a psychological state.
* Inertia - aspect of ecological stability

Philosophy of science

* The tendency of scientific "research programmes" to ban or ignore new disturbing findings as described by Imre Lakatos and Sören Halldén.


* Inertia (Scottish band), a Scottish alternative rock band.
* Inertia (British band), a progressive/Psychedelic metal band from Newhaven, UK.
* Inertia (English band), a rock band from Berkshire, UK
* Inertia (Irish band), the pairing of Irish DJs John O'Callaghan and Neal Scarborough
* Inertia (The Exies album), an album by The Exies
* Inertia (Derek Sherinian album), an album by Derek Sherinian
* Inertia, Skunkworks (album), a song from Bruce Dickinson
* Inertia Creeps, a song by Massive Attack from their 1998 album, Mezzanine
* Inertia (Independent Record Company), an Australian record label and distributor
* Inertia - Song by The Wonderstuff, circa 1991 from the album Never Loved Elvis


* Inertia (Marvel Comics), a fictional hero.
* Inertia (DC Comics), A fictional antagonist.

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