Body Break

Body Break

"Body Break" is a series of ninety 90-second television programs dedicated to informing television audiences of ways to "keep fit and have fun". The programs are hosted by Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod and air regularly on Canadian television. These 90-second programs are designed to briefly introduce tips for healthy living to a television audience.


Both Hal and Joanne are accomplished athletes with backgrounds in sports medicine and nutrition. Johnson, a native of Toronto, Ontario, was an all-star baseball player while he attended the University of Colorado on athletic scholarship, and led the Big 8 conference in home runs, RBIs, and batting average. He was drafted into Major League Baseball by Cincinnati, but opted instead to finish his business degree. After a series of successful ventures in the business world, he decided he'd be better off as a broadcaster in Canada.Fact|date=July 2007

McLeod, from Moscow, Russia, was first married in 1987 to Matthew Sears, an accomplished child actor. Joanne has been named to several Canadian national teams, and nominated as Canadian Athlete of the Year. She was asked to appear on several television programs as the resident fitness expert, and eventually met Hal Johnson. The two created the concept for "Body Break" and it became a hit. McLeod should not be confused with the professional figure skating coach, known for coaching Emanuel Sandhu.

The two hosts of Body Break married in the late 1990s, having kept their relationship secret from the public for several years.

Educational Use

"Body Break" has been adopted by several school programs in the United States and Canada as a method of teaching children the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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