1618 in literature

1618 in literature

The year 1618 in literature involved some significant events.


*Sir Francis Bacon is appointed Lord Chancellor by King James I of England.
*Ben Jonson sets out to walk to Scotland.
*The King's Men perform "Twelfth Night" at Court on Easter Monday, April 6, and "The Winter's Tale" on April 7.
*Lady Hay and eight other Court ladies plan and rehearse a "Ladies' Masque" or "Masque for Ladies", intended for a Twelfth Night performance; but the show is cancelled a few days prior to the holiday, either by King James or Queen Anne.

New books

*William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley - "Certain Precepts or Directions, For the Well-ordering and Carriage of a Man's Life"
*Renold Elstracke - "Braziliologia"
*Vicente Espinel - "Relaciones de la vida del escudero Marcos de Obregón"
*Robert Fludd - "De Musica Mundana"
*Michael Maier - "Atalanta Fugiens"
*Friedrich Nausea -"A Treatise of Blazing Stars in General"
*Edmund Reeve - "A Heptaglottology, that is A Treatise Concerning Seven Languages, to wit the Hebrew, Greek, Chaldean, Latin, Arabic, Syriac, Talmudicorabbinical"
*Angelus Sala - "Opiologia, or A Treatise Concerning the Nature, Properties, True Preparation and Safe Use and Administration of Opium"
*Arthur Saul - "The Famous Game of Chess-Play"
*John Selden - "History of Tythes"

New drama

*Anonymous - "The Tragedy of Amurath"
*Guillén de Castro y Bellvis - "Comedias", part 1
*Nathan Field - "Amends for Ladies" published
*John Fletcher - "The Loyal Subject"
*Peter Heylin - "Theomachia" (in Latin)
*Barten Holyday - "Technogamia"
*Ben Jonson
**"Pleasure Reconciled to Virtue" (masque)
**"For the Honour of Wales" (masque)


*Jacob Cats - "Emblemata"
*Juan Martínez de Jáuregui y Aguilar - "Rimas"
*John Taylor - "The Pennylesse Pilgrimage"


*March 23 - Ferrante Pallavicino, satirist (died 1644)
*April - Agustín Moreto y Cavana, dramatist (died 1661)
*"date unknown"
**Thomas Blount (lexicographer) (died 1679)
**Abraham Cowley, poet (died 1667)
**Raffaello Fabretti, antiquarian author (died 1700)
**Richard Lovelace, Cavalier poet (died 1658)
**Isaac Vossius, librarian (died 1689)
*"probable" - Jacques Chausson, French writer involved in a notorious criminal case (died 1661)


*August 23 - Gerbrand Adriaensz Bredero, poet (born 1585)
*September 28 - Joshua Sylvester, poet (born 1563)
*October 29 - Sir Walter Raleigh, adventurer and author (executed) (born c1553)
*"date unknown"
**François de Boivin, chronicler
**John Davies of Hereford, poet (born c1565)
**Richard Stanyhurst, translator of Vergil (born 1547)
**Bento Teixeira, Portuguese author (born 1560)

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