1636 in literature

1636 in literature

The year 1636 in literature involved some significant events.


*Thomas Hobbes visits Florence.
*On January 31, the King's Men perform Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" at St. James's Palace. They perform "Othello" at Court on December 6.
*James Shirley's "The Duke's Mistress" is performed at St. James's Palace in late February.
*Tommaso Campanella leaves Italy for France, due to his pro-French views; he teaches at the Sorbonne.
*King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria visit Oxford University in August. They are entertained with the usual college theatricals, including productions of William Strode's allegory "The Floating Island" (with music by Henry Lawes), which mocks William Prynne as the play-hating Melancholico; George Wilde's "Love's Hospital"; and William Cartwright's "The Royal Slave" (also with music by Lawes, and design by Inigo Jones). Henrietta Maria enjoys the last-named work so much that she has it brought to London and acted at Hampton Court by her own company, Queen Henrietta's Men.
*From May 10 through the end of the year (and on to October 1637), the London theatres are almost continuously closed due to a severe outbreak of bubonic plague. The theatres and playing companies are profoundly impacted; the King's Revels Men dissolve, and other companies tour the countryside to survive. (Despite the plague, the King's Men perform "Othello" at Hampton Court Palace on December 8.)

New books

*Athanasius Kircher - First grammar of the Coptic language
*Sir Henry Blount - "A Voyage to the Levant"

New drama

*Richard Brome - "The New Academy"
*Lodowick Carlell - "Arviragus and Philicia"
*William Cartwright - "The Royal Slave"
*John Cayworth - "Enchiridion Christiados" (masque)
*Pierre Corneille - "L'Illusion Comique", performed
*Sir William Davenant - "The Triumphs of the Prince D'Amour" (masque), "The Wits", and "The Platonick Lovers" published
*Pierre Corneille - "Le Cid"
*François Tristan l'Hermite - "La Mariane"
*Thomas Heywood - "A Challenge for Beauty" published
*Thomas Killigrew – "Claracilla"
*Philip Massinger - "The Bashful Lover" performed; "The Great Duke of Florence" published
*Tirso de Molina - "La vida de Herodes"
*Thomas Nabbes - "Microcosmus, a Moral Masque"
*Jean Rotrou - "Les Deux Sosies"
*James Shirley - "The Duke's Mistress"
*William Strode - "The Floating Island"
*George Wilde - "Love's Hospital"

New poetry

* Abraham Cowley - "Sylva" (in the 2nd edition of his collection "Poetical Blossoms")


*November 1 - Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux, poet and critic (died 1711)
*"date unknown"
**Joseph Glanvill, philosopher (died 1680)
**Gregório de Mattos, poet (died 1696)
**Jean de Montigny, poet and philosopher (died 1671)
**Thomas Traherne, poet and religious writer (died 1674)


*August 25 - Bhai Gurdas, Sikh historian (born 1551)
*December 9 - Fabian Birkowski, writer and preacher (born 1566)
*"date unknown" - Johannes Messenius, dramatist and historian (born 1579)
*"probable" - Antonio Mira de Amescua, dramatist (born about 1578)

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