1675 in literature

1675 in literature

The year 1675 in literature involved some significant events.


*November 11 - Gottfried Leibniz's notebooks record a breakthrough in his work on calculus.

New books

*Joshua Barnes - "Gerania; a New Discovery of a Little Sort of People, anciently discoursed of, called Pygmies"
*Edward Phillips - "Theatrum poetarum"
* "A Satire Against Separatists", variously attributed to Abraham Cowley or Peter Hausted
*Mary Trye - "Medicatrix, or the Woman Physician"
*Marie-Catherine de Villedieu - "Les Désordres de l’amour"
*John Wilkins - "Of the Principle and Duties of Natural Religion"

New drama

*John Crowne - "Calisto, or the Chaste Nymph" (masque)
** - "Country Wit"
*John Dryden - "Aureng-zebe"
*Thomas Duffet - "Psyche Debauch'd"
*Sir Francis Fane - "Love in the Dark"
*Nathaniel Lee - "Nero, Emperor of Rome"
*George Lesly - "Fire and Brimstone, or the Destruction of Sodom"
*Thomas Otway - "Alcibiades"
*Henry Nevil Payne - "The Siege of Constantinople"
*Thomas Shadwell - "The Libertine"
*William Wycherley - "The Country Wife"


*John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester - "A Satire Against Mankind" (published 1679)


* September 2 - William Somervile, poet (died 1742)
* October 11 - Samuel Clarke, philosopher (died 1729)


* September 23 - Valentin Conrart, co-founder of the French Academie (born 1603)
* December 6 - John Lightfoot, theologian (born 1602)

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