Actaeus (Greek: polytonic|Ἀκταῖος) was the first king of Athens, according to Pausanias. [Pausanias, i. 2. § 5] He was the son of Erysichthon, father of Agraulus, and father-in-law to Cecrops, the second king of Athens. The tradition also states that he gave Attica its name before it was changed to Cecropia by Cecrops. Actaeus had three daughters - Agraulos, Herse, and Pandrosus - but no sons and was therefore succeeded by Cecrops, the husband of Agraulos. [Citation
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Accord­ing to Apollodorus, on the other hand, Cecrops was the first king of Attica, and the three daughters were his own. [Apollodorus, iii. 14. 1]




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