1745 in literature

1745 in literature

The year 1745 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


* In July, Bonnie Prince Charlie lands in Scotland and leads "the Forty-Five" Jacobite rebellion.
* The London theatres stage competing productions of Shakespeare's "King John" in response to the Jacobite invasion. David Garrick's production of the original text at Drury Lane contrasts with Colley Cibber's adaptation "Papal Tyranny in the Reign of King John" at Covent Garden. The rivalry anticipates "the "Romeo and Juliet" war" of five years later.
* The Battle of Prestonpans, where the Jacobites defeat the English in September.
* September 21 - Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock delivers a speech on epic poetry--"Abschiedsrede über die epische Poesie, kultur- und literargeschichtlich erläutert"-- to mark his leaving school.

New books

* Anonymous - *"Der höfliche Schüler" (3rd ed)
* Mark Akenside - "Odes"
* John Brown - "An Essay on Satire" (in honor of the death of Alexander Pope)
* John Gilbert Cooper - "The Power of Harmony"
* Philip Doddridge - "The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul"
* Henry Fielding - "A Serious Address to the People of Great Britain" (on the Jacobite rebellion)
** - "The True Patriot" (periodical)
* Samuel Johnson - "Miscellaneous Observations on the Tragedy of Macbeth"
** - "Proposals for Printing a New Edition of the Plays of William Shakespear"
* Samuel Madden - "Boulter's Monument"
* Pierre de Marivaux - "La Vie de Marianne" (last published section of unfinished novel)
* Moses Mendes - "Henry and Blanche" (trans. of Alain- René Lesage)
* Glocester Ridley - "Jovi Eleutherio"
* Thomas Scott - "England's Danger and Duty"
* Jonathan Swift - "Directions to Servants" (unfinished, posth.)
* William Thompson - "Sickness"

New drama

* Thomas Broughton - "Hercules" (musical)
* Colley Cibber - "Papal Tyranny in the Reign of King John" (adapted from Shakespeare)
* Robert Dodsley - "Rex et Pontifex"
* Charles Jennens - "Belshazzar" (oratorio by Handel)
* James Miller - "The Picture" (adapted from Molière's "Sganarelle")
* James Thomson - "Tancred and Sigismunda"


* February 2 - John Nichols (printer) (died 1826)
* December 10 - Thomas Holcroft (died 1809)
* (probable) - Olaudah Equiano, African writer (died 1797)
* Hannah More, conduct book author


* July 11 - Pierre Desmaiseaux, biographer (born c.1673)
* October 19 - Jonathan Swift (born 1667)
* Robert Walpole, former prime minister and current first Earl of Orford.
* "date unknown" - William Meston, poet (born c.1688)

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