Fakr ad-Din mosque

Fakr ad-Din mosque

The Fakr ad-Din Mosque is the oldest mosque in Mogadishu, Somalia. It is located in Hamar Weyne (literally "big town"), the oldest part of the city.

The mosque was built in 1269 by the First Sultan of Mogadishu. It is closely related to the Palace of Husuni Kubwa on the island of Kilwa off the coast of Tanzania. Together with the Great Mosque of Kilwa, the two buildings are among the oldest preserved Islamic monuments on the eastern coast of Africa.

Stone (including Indian marble) and coral were the primary materials used in the construction of the mosque, which displays a compact rectangular plan with a domed mihrab axis. Glazed tiles were used in the decoration of mihrab, one of which bears a dated inscription.

Photographs of Fakr ad-Din mosque feature in drawings and photographs of central Mogadishu from the late 19th century onwards. The mosque can be identified amidst other buildings by its two cones, one round and the other hexagonal.

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