1875 in sports

1875 in sports

in?=in sports
cp=18th century
c=19th century
cf=20th century



*The Boston Red Stockings win a fourth consecutive pennant. For the first time there is practically no "pennant race" for the National Association championship, the last one.


*March 13 - FA Cup: Royal Engineers beat Old Etonians 2-0 (replay)
* Birmingham Senior Cup round one was played for the 1st time


*British Open - Willie Park, Snr.

Horse racing

*May 17 - Aristides wins first Kentucky Derby
*Vinaigratte wins first Kentucky Oaks

Ice hockey

*3 March - The first organised indoor game of ice hockey was played at the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal, Canada.


*Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race - Oxford


* January 7 — Gustav Flatow, German gymnast (d. 1945)
* January 11 — Fritz Manteuffel, German gymnast (d. 1941)
* January 19 — Joep Packbiers, Dutch archer (d. 1957)
* February 20 — Marie Marvingt, French multi-athlete (d. 1963)
* April 15 — James J. Jeffries, American boxer (d. 1953)
* June 13 — Paul Neumann, Austrian swimmer (d. 1932)
* June 23 — Norman Pritchard, Indian athlete and actor (d. 1929)

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