iPodWizard is an application for Microsoft Windows that lets users customize the appearance of their iPod's user interface. Originally developed by a member of the ipodhacks.com forums, it was extended by members of the iPodWizard.net forums. The iPodWizard program is currently on version 1.3. This version came out shortly after its previous beta, 1.2d, and has a new firmware tab called 'Layout'. It is a hex editor.


iPodWizard works by modifying the iPod firmware released by Apple. Resources contained within the Software Update can be changed, such as images, texts and strings, and then the Software Update is applied to the iPod with the changes.

iPodWizard is split into three sections: Pictures, Fonts, Strings, and has newly been equipped with a basic Hex Editor which has the ability to resize images as well as change the placement of menus and text under the Layout Tab.

Under the Pictures tab, the user can modify every graphic of the iPod, Even the initial startup Apple logo, (which is still in the "development" phase) via the "Index" dropdown menu. The user then chooses a number, then can either save the existing bitmap and modify it with a graphics editor, or make a completely new one using the same size.

Under the text tab, the user can modify the text of the iPod, either by making a bitmap from scratch and defining the boundaries of each character, or by loading a preexisting font into the application.

Under the Strings tab, the user can modify the strings of the iPod. There is a search box which lets the user search for a particular string. Strings can be entered in hexadecimal in the lower half of the screen, or in the text box below the search bar.

Under the Layouts tab, the user can modify the location of the images and edit the way the iPod works. Doing this is complex, and may put your iPod on a reboot loop, but it can be reversed by loading the [unmodified resource of the modified resource on your iPod after putting your iPod in disk mode.

Many new "hacks" have been made for this program such as:iPod Classic to iPod Video - A hack to make iPod resemble the new ipod ClassicsiPod Touch to iPod video - A hack to make iPod resemble the iPod touch


As with all applications of this nature, there is a risk of damaging the iPod. In most situations, the situation can be resolved quickly; however, there are some cases that can only be fixed by either reformatting the iPod's hard drive, or getting a replacement iPod. However, if the user uses iPodWizard properly, such dangers should be almost nonexistent. This, along with any form of altering of the iPod's firmware, renders the iPod's warranty void.

External links

* [http://ipodwizard.sf.net/ Sourceforge Site]
* [http://ipodwizard.net/ Official community]
* [http://www.getipodwizard.com/ Official Download Site]
* [http://www.fdefault.com/ Relevant Hack Blog]

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