Fahrenheit (disambiguation)

Fahrenheit (disambiguation)

Fahrenheit may refer to:
*Gabriel Fahrenheit, a German physicist
*Fahrenheit, the temperature scale
*Fahrenheit (album), an album by Toto
*Fahrenheit (comics), a comic book character
*Fahrenheit (cologne), a cologne made by Christian Dior
*Fahrenheit (Taiwanese band), a Taiwanese boy band
**"Fahrenheit" (Fahrenheit album), their first album
*Fahrenheit (Thai band), a Thai rock band
*"Fahrenheit" (video game), a 2005 computer game
*"Fahrenheit" (1994 computer game), a 1994 computer game
*"Fahrenheit 9/11", a movie by Michael Moore
*"Fahrenheit 451", a novel by Ray Bradbury
**"Fahrenheit 451" (1966 film), François Truffaut's film adaptation
*Fahrenheit graphics API, computer software
*"7800° Fahrenheit", an album by Bon Jovi
*Farrenheit, an American rock band
*Fahrenheit (denim), an American denim/fashion company based in Washington, DC [http://www.fahrenheitdenim.com]
*Fahrenheit (roller coaster), a roller coaster opening at Hersheypark in the 2008 season
*Fahrenheit Project, a series of downtempo/ambient musical projects by various artists
*Fahrenheit (Chilean band), a chilean Hard rock band.

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