Ai may refer to:


*Artificial intelligence, intelligence exhibited by any manufactured system, likely the most common usage
*Adobe Illustrator, a vector-based drawing program by Adobe Systems
**.ai (file format), the file native file format used by Adobe Illustrator
*Analog input, i.e. of a Programmable Logic Controller
*Game artificial intelligence, the artificial intelligence that drives NPCs in video games

Television, film and music

*"A.i.", the Los Angeles-based rock band
*"A.I. Artificial Intelligence", a science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg
*"American Idol", the American television series
*"American Inventor", a reality television series searching for America's best inventor
*"Australian Idol", the Australian television series
*"Asian Idol"
*"Artificial Intelligence" (series), a musical album series by Warp Records


*Accommodative insufficiency, an inability to focus on an object
*Active ingredient, the substance in a drug that is pharmaceutically active.
*"Amelogenesis imperfecta", a genetic disorder affecting tooth development
*Aortic insufficiency, a symptom of a heart disorder
*Aromatase inhibitor, one of a class of drugs used to treat cancer, in particular breast cancer
*Articulation index, a method of measuring hearing loss
*Artificial insemination, the insertion of male sperm into the female reproductive tract using artificial means
*Avian influenza, a class of bird viruses


*Ai (Bible), a place mentioned in the Bible, likely identical to the archaeological site of Et-Tell
*AI, the ISO 2-letter country code for Anguilla
*Appenzell Innerrhoden, a Swiss canton
*Ai, Ohio, a town in the U.S. state of Ohio
*Ai River, a river in Taiwan


*Allen Iverson, NBA Basketball Player for the Denver Nuggets
*Andrés Iniesta, football player for FC Barcelona
*Andre Iguodala, NBA Basketball Player for the Philadelphia 76ers
*Aikanaka, Hawaiian chief grandfather of Kalakaua


*Ai Weiwei, artist, curator, architectural designer, cultural and social commentator
*Ai Siqi, philosopher and author
*Ai Qing, poet and political prisoner
*Emperor Ai of Jin, a Jin Dynasty (265-420) emperor
*Emperor Ai of Han (27 BC–1 BC)
*Emperor Ai of Tang
*King Ai of Zhou
*Sima Ai, Jin Dynasty (265-420) imperial prince
*Xie Ai, general

Other non-fictional

*Ai (Japanese name)
*Ai (poet) (born 1947), American poet
*Andre Iguodala, American NBA basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers

Mythical and fictional

*Ai Toyon, the Yakut god of light, usually depicted as an eagle perched atop the "world tree"
*Aikanaka (Hawaiian mythology), a character in Hawaiian myth


*AI, IATA airline designator for Air India
*The American Interest, a quarterly publication on international affairs
*Amnesty International, an international non-governmental human rights organization
*The Art Institutes, a system of educational institutions


*Action item, an item discussed in a meeting that requires further action or work
*Ai (animal), a three-toed sloth
*Ai (chimpanzee), a female chimp famous for showing surprising numerical capability
*A Beanie Baby bear made by Ty, Inc., representing Japan, Ai
*Air interdiction, a military capability
*Airborne interception, aircraft-carried interception radar
*Airy function, Ai(x)
*Alexis I. duPont High School, referred to as AI
*American Iron, automotive road racing class of the National Auto Sport Association (NASA)
*"American Idiot" (album), 2004 album by the band Green Day
*"Annals of Inisfallen", a chronicle of the medieval history of Ireland
*Aoi Mac Ollamain, the Celtic god of poetry as an alternative first name and name abbreviation
*Appreciation Index, score which is used by broadcasters as an indicator of the public's approval for a particular television programme or service in the United Kingdom
*Appreciative Inquiry, an organizational development process developed by David Cooperrider
*Architect's Instruction, equivalent to a Clarification or a Variation Order, an official document that seeks to clarify or amend a set of Construction Documents
*Associate Instructor, used by some universities instead of teaching assistant
*Avian influenza
*"Azerbaijan International", a quarterly magazine that features articles about Azerbaijan
*Love (Aì, linktext|愛) in the sense of "universal love" as developed by the Chinese philosopher Mozi

ee also

*Ay, a pharaoh of ancient Egypt
*Ái or Ríg, the husband of Edda and putative ancestor of the thralls or serfs in the Norse eddic poem "Rígthula"
*.ai (the ccTLD for Anguilla)

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