Pipeline may refer to:

* Classic RISC pipeline, a five stage hardware based computer instruction set.
* Pipeline transport, a conduit made from pipes connected end-to-end for long-distance fluid transport
* Plastic pressure pipeline, for fluid handling
* Milking pipeline, used on a Dairy farm to transport fluid milk
* Pipeline (computing), a chain of data-processing stages or a CPU optimization found on modern processors
** Pipeline (software), a chain of data-processing processes or other software entities
** Graphics pipeline, the method of rasterization-based rendering as supported by graphics hardware
** Pipeline (Unix), a set of process chained by their "standard streams"
** XML pipeline, a connection of XML transformations
* Banzai Pipeline, a surfing spot on the North Shore of Oahu
** Mister Pipeline, an Oahu surfer title
* Tolt pipeline trail, an equestrian and biking trail in Redmond, Washington, USA
* Pipeline card, a discount scheme (currently in planning) in the UK which aims to give 5p-7p discount on petrol and diesel
* Sales pipeline, a visualisation of the sales process of a company

In entertainment:
* "Pipeline" (song), a 1963 song by surf rock band The Chantays, also recorded by Johnny Thunders, Hank Marvin, and The Ventures
* "Pipeline" (game), a 1989 computer game for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron
* Pipeline Instrumental Review, a music magazine dedicated to instrumental music
* "Pipeline" (Depeche Mode song), a song by Depeche Mode from the album Construction Time Again
* CNN Pipeline, a streaming video service by CNN
* "Pipeline" (film), a 2007 film by Jordan Alan
* "Pipeline" (instrumental), a song by The Alan Parsons Project from the album Ammonia Avenue
* Pipeline Music, a record label
* Pipeline (comics), a character from Marvel Comics with the ability to teleport himself and others

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