Bobbie Wickham

Bobbie Wickham

Roberta "Bobbie" Wickham is a recurring fictional character in the Jeeves and Mr Mulliner stories of British comic writer P. G. Wodehouse, being a troublesome redheaded girl, enamoured of practical jokes which often result in general pandemonium.


Bobbie Wickham is the daughter of Lady Wickham and the late Sir Cuthbert of Skeldings Hall, Herts.

On more than one occasion does Bertie Wooster become enamoured of her, and his valet Jeeves, realising that she might be a little too independent and wild for Bertie to tame her, has had to get him out of the daft scrape she has connived him into being a part of.

In "Jeeves and the Yule-tide Spirit" (1927), the most notable of these schemes was the affair with Tuppy Glossop's pierced hot water bottles in her parents' house.

In "Jeeves and the Kid Clementina" (1930), she also used her womanly charms to get Bertie take her and her kid cousin, Clementina, to dinner, and also to get him to drive Clementina back to school, where he was caught by a policeman while sitting in a tree on the school property.


Bobbie Wickham is featured in:

* "Something Squishy" (1924) – Mr Mulliner short story, collected in "Mr Mulliner Speaking" (1929)
* "The Awful Gladness of the Mater" (1925) – Mr Mulliner short story, collected in "Mr Mulliner Speaking" (1929)
* "Mr Potter Takes a Rest Cure" (1926) – Bobbie short story, collected in "Blandings Castle" (1935)
* "The Passing of Ambrose" (1928) – Mr Mulliner short story, collected in "Mr Mulliner Speaking" (1929)
* "Episode of the Dog McIntosh" (1929) – Jeeves short story, collected in "Very Good, Jeeves" (1930)
* "Jeeves and the Kid Clementina" (1930) – Jeeves short story, collected in "Very Good, Jeeves" (1930)
* "Dudley Is Back to Normal" (1940) – Bobbie short story, collected in "Plum Stones" (1993–1995)
* "Jeeves in the Offing" (1960) – Jeeves novel

Bobbie Wickham is mentioned in:

* "Jeeves and the Yule-tide Spirit" (1927) – Jeeves short story, collected in "Very Good, Jeeves" (1930)


; Film and TV actresses [ "Bobbie Wickham"] at the Internet Movie Database

* Tracy Reed in the BBC One's black-and-white "World of Wooster" (1965–1967)
* Pauline Collins in the 1975–1978 BBC TV series "Wodehouse Playhouse", season 2, episode 2 (1976)
* In the 1990-1993 ITV series "Jeeves and Wooster":
** Nina Botting, season 1, episode 2
** Niamh Cusack, season 2, episode 6

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