QC can stand for:
* Air Corridor IATA airline designator
* Quartz Composer, a node based visual programming language
* Quezon City, a highly urbanized city in the Republic of the Philippines
* Quake C is an interpreted scripting language implemented in the computer game Quake by ID Software
* Quad Cities, a group of four cities on the Mississippi river, on both sides of the Iowa/Illinois border
* Quay Crane, a crane located on a quayside used for the loading and unloading of goods and materials to and from vessels, usually appeared in container terminal
* "Queen's Court", the oldest building on the Fordham University campus, located in the Bronx, NYC
* Quality control, the process of meeting products and services to consumer expectations
* Quebec (Canada Post provincial abbreviation)
* Quebec Central Railway (AAR reporting marks QC)
* Queen's College, the name of multiple institutions
* Queen's Counsel (with postnominal QC), a legal position in the United Kingdom and some other Commonwealth countries
* Queens Counsel (comic strip), a cartoon strip featured in the law pages of The Times
* Queer Collaborations, the annual Australian student organised political queer conference
* queer but correct, a notation used in copyediting that signifies an unusual-looking spelling or word usage has been double-checked
* "Questionable Content", a web-comic by Jeph Jacques
* Quantum Computer, a computing device that uses the principles of quantum mechanics
* Quantum cascade, as in quantum cascade laser (QC laser)
* The Queen City, nickname for Charlotte, North Carolina
* Quota Count, a system to limit the amount of noise generated by night-time aircraft movements

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