Maria Anna of Spain

Maria Anna of Spain
Maria Anna of Spain
Holy Roman Empress, German Queen
Queen consort of Hungary and Bohemia
'Portrait of Maria Anna' by Velazquez, 1630
Consort 1631–1646
Consort to Ferdinand III
Ferdinand IV, King of the Romans
Mariana, Queen of Spain
Leopold, Holy Roman Emperor
Father Philip III of Spain
Mother Margaret of Austria
Born 18 August 1606
El Escorial, Spain
Died 13 May 1646
Linz, Austria
House of Habsburg
Spanish line
Royal Coat of Arms of Spain (1580-1668).svg
Emperor Charles V
(King Charles I)
Philip II of Spain
Maria, Holy Roman Empress
Joan of Spain
Don John (illegitimate)
Margaret of Parma (illegitimate)
Philip II
Children include
Carlos, Prince of Asturias
Isabella of Spain
Catherine, Duchess of Savoy
Philip III of Spain
Maria of Spain
Philip III
Children include
Anne, Queen of France
Philip IV of Spain
Maria Ana, Holy Roman Empress
Infante Carlos
Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand
Philip IV
Children include
Balthasar Charles, Prince of Asturias
Maria Theresa, Queen of France
Margaret, Holy Roman Empress
Charles II of Spain
Charles II

Maria Anna of Spain (18 August 1606 – 13 May 1646), Infanta of Spain, the youngest daughter of King Philip III of Spain and Margaret of Austria, was Holy Roman Empress and Queen of Hungary and Bohemia as the wife of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor.[1]



Maria Ana by an unknown painter

Maria Anna, Archduchess of Austria, Infanta of Spain was a younger sister of Anne of Austria, queen consort of Louis XIII of France, and mother of Mariana of Austria, queen consort of Philip IV of Spain. She was also an older sister of Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand.

In the early 1620s, James I of England envisioned Maria Ana as a possible bride for his son and heir, the future Charles I of England and Scotland. Charles even visited Madrid to meet the young Maria Ana. In English history, this possible marriage is known as the Spanish Match. However, negotiations failed, as Maria Ana did not wish to marry a Protestant and Charles would not convert to Catholicism, and Charles eventually married Henrietta Maria of France.

She was married to her first cousin, the future Ferdinand III, then the titular king of Hungary, on 20 February 1631. She travelled from Spain to Austria through Italy, a dangerous journey during the Thirty Year's War, which took 14 months to complete. She was married to Ferdinand by proxy with her brother-in-law, Bishop Leopold Wilhelm of Strassburg, Passau and Halberstadt, when she reached Trieste in 26 January 1631, and to Ferdiand himself in a second ceremony in Vienna. The wedding was celebrated for a month. The marriage was described as friendly. Maria Ana was described as happy tempered, friendly and intelligent, and she was able to ease the feelings of the melancholic emperor. She was politically active, acted as the advisor of her spouse, his Regent during his absence, and followed him on his travels.


Maria Ana with her son, Ferdinand, in 1634

Ferdinand and Maria Ana had six children:


During the Thirty Years War, the imperial family moved hastily to Linz, where she died of poisoning during her last pregnancy after fever and heavy bleeding.[citation needed] The child she was carrying, Maria, was still alive, and was born by cesarean section, but died soon after. Mother and daughter were buried together in a single coffin.


16. Philip I of Castile
8. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
17. Joanna of Castile
4. Philip II of Spain, I of Portugal
18. Manuel I of Portugal
9. Isabella of Portugal
19. Maria of Aragon
2. Philip III of Spain, II of Portugal
20. Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor (= 12)
10. Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor
21. Anna of Bohemia and Hungary (= 13)
5. Anna of Austria
22. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (= 8)
11. Maria of Spain
23. Isabella of Portugal (= 9)
1. Maria Ana of Spain
24. Philip I of Castile (= 16)
12. Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor
25. Joanna of Castile (= 17)
6. Charles II, Archduke of Austria
26. Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary
13. Anna of Bohemia and Hungary
27. Anne of Foix-Candale
3. Margaret of Austria
28. William IV, Duke of Bavaria
14. Albert V, Duke of Bavaria
29. Marie of Baden-Sponheim
7. Maria Anna of Bavaria
30. Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor (= 12 & 20)
15. Anna of Austria
31. Anna of Bohemia and Hungary (= 13 & 21)


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Maria Anna of Spain
Born: 18 August 1606 Died: 13 May 1646
Royal titles
Preceded by
Eleonore Gonzaga
Empress of the Holy Roman Empire
German Queen, Archduchess consort of Austria

Succeeded by
Maria Leopoldine of Austria
Queen consort of Hungary
Succeeded by
Margaret Theresa of Spain
Queen consort of Bohemia

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